Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Surprise Frost in the Garden

No, it wasn't predicted in our area, but The Captain advised "better cover them over, no cloud cover and a bright moon"...and Capt. Weatherman was right. Still, some plants were only halfheartedly covered..you know...that moment arrives when you think...Oh I can't do this another night.

We don't have a lot of annuals to be truthful, and really, the crops remaining at this point ..the brassicas for instance, they just get better with a frost..sweeter, and can remain in the ground for harvesting later. The leeks are standing like soldiers, and the Brussels sprouts, (mangled as they are by bugly critters) looked magical this morning in their sparkling coat.

There's cleaning up to do now, and bulbs to plant. The cold frame is almost ready so that's exciting and what a learning curve...more on that later. There is a hoop frame over a cool weather greens variety making for some great salads and there's still the Chard... so, we aren't going hungry))))).


  1. Your squash looks perfect! My Mom would love it! She always gathers tons of butternut squash in the fall, cooks it and freezes it for the winter. I love it with cinnamon and honey!

  2. PS Nice you have your very own weatherman! Andy and I are both interested in weather ... it really is fascinating. I especially enjoy winter weather .... not driving in it though!

  3. Dear Michele and Andy...Mr. Captain Weatherman...well, sis and I refer to him before we accept the television weatherman. She says.."ask the Cap. what the weather is really going to be like" ))). Guess it's the years he went to sea..he knows all those twilight's..did you know there was more than one?..and he knows how to read the sky..some kind of divinity perhaps...))))

    He's kinda awesome and spooky that way..da da da da...)))

  4. No frost yet in our neck of the woods,Brenda. Beautiful pictures.Especially liked the photo of the photographer being photographed in your last blog.
    We have the last three days cleaning up the perennial beds.Doing a lot of editing, especially with those unruly Japanese anemone. Dug out two huge grasses today. It took me the better part of two hours. Should sleep well tonight.

  5. I spy a honeycomb coloured butternut squash.

    Its getting frosty here too. Time for thick tights, scarves and gloves, and yes - ear muffs too (BBBrrrrrrrr).

    Stay warm

  6. Oh, inspiring... I need to get into my garden but have no time now... I have been away and it is full of weeds... I'll come back here and look at yours and get a move!


  7. Brenda, I agree about your weatherman. Our frost yesterday morning was predicated but it wasn’t enough for photos. I love frosty photos. Very nice :-)

    Looking forward to hearing about your learning curve! Wishing you a good weekend :-D

  8. Still no significant frost here, Brenda. It will probably happen when least expected, but I'm okay with it now. We've had quite a few tomatoes out of the greenhouse, and I just need to plant a couple more perennials and the rest of the bulbs.