Sunday, October 17, 2010

100th post!

Can you believe this is my 100th post since starting the blog back in March (although 3 didn't make it past the drawing board))? Who would have thought, sitting at the computer and pounding a few keys, attaching a pic or five, would connect me with writers, artists, chefs and farmers not to mention other gardeners, family and friends. What started out with "wow, I'd like to try that dear brother, can you help me set this up?" has grown to include "yes, we'd love to have you visit and want to photograph the garden for your new book???"

Since starting the blog, and following others, the garden has been in a magazine, and should be in a book coming out next year..see That kindness, I would never have anticipated, and it happened because of a connection made here on this blog, with an enthusiastic and most generous writer, gardener and mom extraordinaire.

The Captain, Chief and I, have met new friends and have been hugely encouraged by your conversation on blog. We have found answers to many questions ... "how did you build your cold frame?" and "can we really grow greens in Nova Scotia even in October and November?" and more.

Thanks sincerely, for visiting, following, commenting and..most of all, allowing us to share our garden year with you.


  1. Well you deserve a big Happy 1st Anniversary Brenda. I have enjoyed following your blog for the last year however I also get the privilege of visiting and enjoying the company along with the beauty.

    When opening the magazine for the first time it bought tears to my eyes. You and the captain and son have put so much hard work into this garden and look at it now. So we say “Thank you for allowing us to visit your garden year with you”...Hugs

  2. Oh blush...thank you Gina, thank you so much, I am just so touched by your comments. Such a kind thank you needs a "You are most welcome" response. Please visit soon. Bren

  3. Congrats on your 100th post and getting your garden in a magazine, Brenda!!

    I can tell that you enjoy blogging. Thanks for visiting my blog too. I think 100 posts since March is pretty impressive. Enjoy the next 100 :-D

  4. Happy 100th post Brenda! And congratulations on having your garden in the magazine and also the upcoming book. That is so cool!

    Thank you for sharing your garden, thoughts and time with us! Also, thanks so much for visiting our blog!

    Hugs, Michele

  5. I already did this - not sure what happened to it as I did it yesterday and I was second or third. Dang!
    Happy happy 100th and isn't this a fun world?
    love ya and your dear garden...

  6. Oh Brenda,
    I am so, so happy and delighted for you for your 100th post. Blog world is a wonderful place to get lost in for hours! For me, it has been So wonderful to have made your acquaintance and for your warming and encouraging comments for me personally.

    Also delighted for you and Captain for having your garden published in a magazine. I did get the email link. Thank you so much for thinking of me as part of your world. I was touched.

    And I am even more happy to read that your blog/garden will appear in an upcoming book. Genuinely with warmth and a big heart HAPPY for the both of you. Kind wishes as always.

  7. Oh such wonderful warm comments...I feel very special inside. Thank you, it was something quite unforeseen that wouldn't have happened if I had not met the Year Round Veggie Gardener whose blog I follow.

    As for the 100th blog entry..gosh, I was shocked, do I talk that much??? big smile. Guess so!

    Your encouraging comments are truly and genuinely appreciated. Thank you so very very much.