Monday, October 4, 2010

Vision Accomplished

When the raised beds were built in the spring, they looked very lonely...very white...and very big. They were purpose built to hopefully grow some blight free tomatoes (good luck with that I hear you say)))). So, remember, I had this idea...if nasturtium seeds were tucked in all along the front edge, wouldn't that be "A VISION" in fall!! Could that soften the hard look of the beds and for this year at least, integrate the raised beds with the rest of the garden?

Well the nasturtiums didn't do well to begin with; the earwigs wouldn't leave them alone, and the sprouts limped along doing practically nothing for a very long time...until, the tomato plants started to die back and then they exploded onto the scene. They have now climbed to the top of the trellis, spill over the lawn and are actually becoming THE VISION!

The garden is amazingly, still, putting on a good show. I filled in a few spots with pots when the front bed was redone but all and all, Autumn is awesome!


  1. Wow Brenda! The gardens are outstanding! I love the bird eating the sunflowers .... did he get some live feathered friends to join him???

    Is the red building part of your house? It looks very cool!


  2. Looks wonderful Brenda. The nasturtiums really look healthy. I have a few.

  3. Thank you Sue and Michele) The red building is not part of our house. It is the building I start my seeds in, and sometimes paint in, or read in. We built it ourselves, using recycled windows and doors, buying them first so we could design around those measurements. It was a lot of fun and it gives us a great deal of pleasure. Michele, I think it would be a lovely place to do your art.