Friday, October 29, 2010

Autumn Gold

The garden is glowing; it just can't stop showing off!

It's this time of year, we find out if the labels were true: "Great Autumn Color". Not only do we want great autumn color, but being selfish as I am, I would like it to last a little while and hope we don't have torrential rains or lashing winds ripping the leaves off, and ruining the anticipated glory.

The Maples, Viburnums, and even the Cotoneaster with it's baby leaves turning gold, are a welcome sight walking the path to the back yard. The Cherokee Dogwood is under planted with (hopefully, dwarf) Spirea. Diablo Ninebark adds color depth all year, but this time of year, I appreciate it even more. Ahem...if you are thinking I plant too intensely you are right)))). Some things will eventually have to be moved..

Framing the vegetable garden below, on the left, is a poor specimen of Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum) and on the right is a downright awesome, Amur Maple, grandly golden.

Nova Scotia, and especially Cape Breton, is well known for it's autumn color and folks travel here from all over, for the BIG SHEW! However, if you plan it right, from the beginning, and purchase or transplant 'autumn color' trees and shrubs into your garden, it's just as much pleasure to sit home and enjoy the 'Show', don't ya think?


  1. You are so right about the colours in the yard!

  2. Wow! Brenda, these pic's are just super! What beautiful autumn colors you have right in your own yard! Your gardens are wonderful! I remember my folks traveling up to your area, one fall, to take in the colors!

    I, too,hope you don't get the winds that we have had (some folks here still have no power....since Tuesday!!! We were without power for about 20 hours, so I think we were lucky to get it back so quickly!)

    Enjoy your colors while they last,


  3. Brilliantissimum, Brenda!! Sorry, couldn’t resist ;-)

    I had that Acer once and also love the Acers for their colour. What wonderful views from your garden. I do enjoy seeing the longer views… and your Acers :-D

    I agree, although it is great to get out to see the bigger Autumn picture the one in our gardens are just as sweet. Enjoy your weekend ;-D

  4. Beautiful Autumn glow in your garden Brenda. Have a lovely Sunday. I think you have quite a show right in your own home. ;>)

  5. Absolutely adore all those colours. It certainly is a magical time.

    Whilst I Driving back from Essex, England where its just turning autumnal and then arriving back into Scotland, where the gold, red and orange leaves of the trees are almost stripped of color. Changes in the seasons. Truly magical. Not lookign forward to the winter though.