Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Frost Alert!

Dressed in old sheets and fleece, the garden survived our first frost alert (in low lying areas). Well....I didn't really think there was going to be a frost and I don't consider us a low lying area, but... it did land on our neighbour's roof. That's too close for comfort so, glad we made the effort.

A number of years ago, we didn't make the effort...and looked at dead blooms and blackened foliage for well over a month, before the second frost hit. What's ten minutes throwing a few old sheets over plants ...

We will keep this up until we can't stand it anymore, and hopefully, by that time, a cold frame will be built and we can carry on the season just a little bit longer with cool weather salad greens.

Till then, paying attention to frost warnings pays off ;-)

Planted bulbs yesterday, coated in copper, blood meal and chilli peppers (quite the concoction heh). The raccoons did not dig them up, nor did the chipmunks..but that's just one night. Fingers crossed we will see spring blooms.


  1. Oh they do look cosy, I wish I was as warm. Its getting cold here, time for hats, scarves and gloves.

  2. Your garden covers remind me of former veggie gardens. The last two years the rabbits have eaten me out. I love the photo!! Good luck with your bulbs . . . It is a drag to plant for voles and chipmunks . . . ! Lovely to have found you. What a wonderful part of the world you reside in. ;>)

  3. Your care and prep are simply amazing. As mentioned we are NOT gardeners, but LOVE to see the green talent on the thumbs of others; especially yours, Bren!


  4. Frost slightly on Wednesday night (which I thought was Tuesday night, alas) but nothing last night. And now this gale of wind and rain. Wheeeeee!

  5. Thanks so much MC, Carol, Andy and Jodi for your kind comments,.. encouragement and observations. Touched by frost, but not down for the count yet..the garden continues to smile back at us through the kitchen window. Hope yours are giving you lots of pleasure still, and Jodi...that wind...it's still here!!

    Carol, the bobcat will have those rabbits before long, and the chipmunks and voles...haven't seen a rabbit in weeks.

  6. my oh my - it simply disappeared.
    Congratulations! It is a whack of fun, no?
    I love your garden - mine has gone to bed except for strawberries (!) and marigolds...next year a cold frame!