Sunday, October 3, 2010

Autumn Greens...and Blues....A Day Away from the Garden

Yes, these greens look good enough to eat..."Madame, a selection of the finest the sea has to offer"))).

Bayswater Beach Yesterday; the shoreline was strewn with seaweed, usual for this time of year...a great time to gather nutrients to put in the garden where allowed, but, that was not why we were there.

Cousin is back for an autumn vacation with us, and on such a beautiful sunny day we decided to take him to the Swissair Memorial internment site which is just across from the beach. Although a tragic loss, I can't imagine a more beautiful spot to rest for eternity...the sound of surf, birds, rustling leaves, in a woodland garden.

Our Nova Scotia roads and highways are lined with fall asters, wild rose shrubs covered in hips and glistening gold grasses. Where it is cooler, the trees are starting to change color but on the South Shore, the change is not as advanced as other areas. Today is a crisp'ish day; Jack Frost can't be too far away.


  1. Beautiful area you live in, Bren! Love the seaweed shots.


  2. We all need a day away from the garden, sometimes. I had one yesterday, which rejuvenated me to go back at it today!

  3. I too will be sharing Nova Scotia with company. My sister is arriving tomorrow. I have not been in my garden for over a week and it needs me, so I am hoping she will spend a day with me in the garden. Good help is hard to find.I wonder if she would work for tomatoes!

  4. Oh Brenda, I love that coastal highway. It reminds me of a short strip across to the Black Isle in the North of Scotland... without the asters though. I love them :-D