Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Rosy Outlook

One can't help but have a rosy outlook, finding fat, thick rose hips along many of the beaches in Nova Scotia, this time of year, often, free for the picking. They thrive in the beach sand, and withstand the salt air so well; they are a major contribution to "seaside landscaping" in our area.

Now that we've just had a hard frost, it's a perfect time to pick these vitamin C packed red pods. Good thing also (gosh do I sound like Martha..this is a good thing)))), quince are ready now, and because they are loaded with pectin, you don't have to use the store bought stuff to make jelly ...just add two or three quince to your recipe.

Inspired by Allotment 2 Kitchen chef, Mango Cheeks (see sidebar and her blog) and her recipe for Rose Hip Jelly, the Chief and I again visited D and S's beautiful seaside property and picked hips. Sheltered from the wind, warmed by bright sunlight with just a few wasps keeping us company, (yes, Chief got stung...did you have to ask?) we picked enough for two lots of jelly.

My "inspired" Mango Cheeks version used about half rose hips and half cranberries to make the 500 g... "Good ole" Nova Scotian cranberries I might add, which can be picked in boggy areas right now, so all and all, it's kind of a "free" jelly and I like free.

Now, I've never had much luck making jelly, but this worked and I think adding two quince helped,.. quince kindly gifted by C and J..other fine neighbours.

It's a rosy outlook and a comfort when you do have good neighbours, and they want to share, and you can share with them. Thanks Mango Cheeks for your inspiration..made me brave to try rose hips))


  1. Beautiful Brenda! Food for both body and soul.Lucky neighbours. And you were Martha before Martha.


  2. I love that photo, Brenda and the image of you collecting these hips with the anticipation of the finished product :-D

    I always love to hear of neighbours sharing too. Have a wonderful weekend :-D

  3. Wow Brenda.....sounds so yummy and your picture is beautiful! Sorry to hear about the bee string though! Darn wasps!!!
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Oh, lovely! The rosehips seem particularly great this year, Brenda, do you think? Even some varieties that don't usually get many are loaded. I wonder if that means we're going to have a hateful winter?

  5. Oh blush - blush - blush - I'm flattered that you call me a chef, I am just a homely cook who like you. Thank you so much for the kind words as always and link to my blog.

    The last time D and me visited a beach town, there were loads, I mean bushes loads of rosehip, but where I live, in a rather grey industrial area, not many. I think next time, we will have to drive there to pick some. We won't be picking any cranberries though. I'll have to wait for them to be imported around the seasonal holidays.

    The red in your jars are twinkling like little rubies. I love the combo of rosehip and cranberry. Beautiful photograph too!

  6. Quince, brings back memories...why can we NOT be neighbours, my mouth is watering!!!!


  7. Looks great :)

    Thanks for your visit over at my place - you're my comment of the week in my Sunday Supplement today. I should have thought of the freezing apple juice option, so thanks for the reminder!

  8. Your jelly looks yummy Brenda. Good neighbors are the best. Life is rosey with good people in our lives. ;>)

  9. Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments, and kind words.

    VP, I really enjoy your blog and am honored my comment was yours of the week in your Sunday Supplement. Thank you. Cider/apple juice making brought back happy memories.

    Donna...Martha before Martha, well I laughed out loud )))

    Yes Jodi the rose hips are everywhere this year, and that is what they say isn't it...lots of berries means a harder winter than usual(((

    Michele, thanks for the kind comment about the photo as Andy and yourself inspire me, when I see your photos on your blog. will soon have a garden!

    Shirl, I really did enjoy picking the rose hips, and anticipating the results. Good neighbours are a comfort, no doubt about it.

    Mango Cheeks, I hope you do get to pick the seaside rose hips and make it a day out soon. The cranberries are available in the markets here now, so likely soon in yours. They freeze beautifully as well!(I added a cinnamon stick and four cloves to the last batch)

    Carol, thank you for all your recent comments and I am pleased you can stop by and visit;-) The photos on your blog are tremendous; you are so poetic.

  10. One of my favourite things to do in Ottawa on the weekends is to visit Stittsville - this is where all the farmers come in for the weekend - only one farmer sells Rosehip Jelly - your picture brings back memories - thank you - hope you visit - rabin

    1. Thanks for sharing your memory of this. I am sorry not to have replied earlier. Hope you managed to buy some rosehip jelly last fall.

  11. Brenda, would you mind if I used your photo in a talk about roses? It is just SO perfect! Pam

    1. No problem at all Pam. Is the talk local? Thanks for visiting.