Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Joy

Joy...this time of year delivers)). Our summer is gone, beautiful winter is upon us... spring, just over the horizon!

The back door containers are filled with green trimmings from the garden. Do you do that? How the pots shine with red dogwood branches, the soil covered in soft moss. You remember the robin nest from early summer..well there it is tucked into the display. This should look good all through the winter so if you have a few mild days left, go outside, and get trimming! Your spirit will soar. Evening brings a soft glow that welcomes.

Days are busy making creative gifts, decorating and cooking. "My Indian Kitchen" was a gift received about ten years ago, and this year, I tried to replicate it....quite delighted with the results. "Introducing Indian Spices and Aromatic Seeds"...oh you can't imagine how wonderful the house smells tonight!

The container is from Lee Valley, a famous Canadian supplier of quality but good value goods. The applied cover to the spice box, is plain ole dollar store, a snipped down laptop vinyl peel and stick decoration. Same goes for the sparkly embellishments.

So how's holiday gift shopping or making going for you? If it's pressure, it's no darn fun. If it is a joy, then ...on the right path. If you don't have to do it...whewww...then that's good too!!

At our house, we have a tree (not decorated yet). We have some gifts to mail, food to plan and prepare. Cakes are made and in the post. So, this is all to say, it's been a busy few days and so that is why I have not contributed to blog.  Enjoy your December as we leave 2010...step lightly but happily into 2011. A new garden year awaits.


  1. What a beautiful gift that Indian spice selection makes!

    My daughter put a list of suggestions for her Xmas' presents on the notice board that I keep in the kitchen. She says that she doesn't believe in Santa anymore, and probably her parents would know better what an ipod nano is anyway ;-O!

    Fortunately there are also 9 books on the list (it is a very long list, and it includes clothes and fancy stationery ), and she knows knows that we have a budget :-).

    Her brother still believe in Santa, he just wants a new bike. Why boys are easier?


  2. I love the Indian spices.. I've been cooking dal, as well as many curries lately.. can't get enough and this would make a great gift idea for foodies (as well as gardeners!) :)

    The house looks wonderful Brenda..

    I'm almost done the shopping.. am now baking and the house smells like gingerbread.. deep breath!

  3. I just love your wreath and container filled with wonders from you yard! So creative and pretty.

    Also, very creative how you put together and decorated your spice container gift. I'm sure the recipient of that gift will be thrilled!

    We have lots of snow here, it's looking very pretty and very much like the Holidays. We saw our local dance company perform the "Nutcracker" last weekend. What a treat!

    Today I'm working on creating some Holiday cards. Hope you are enjoying your preparations ... as you mentioned "without stress" .... stress takes the fun out of it!


  4. Merry Christmas Brenda. Love your greens outside the door. I can't wait to get the Christmas tree. Maybe next week. I too am thinking spring is just around the corner. Sue

  5. I found your blog rather late after so many kind comments on mine. Many thanks for those.

    I love the smell of indian spices; many years ago I visited Nepal and India - fabulous, fabulous places.

    Later this week I'm meeting up with VP (on your blog roll) and hoping to sample some of her quince pie. After all, they were my quinces!

  6. Oh Brenda,
    You are such an optimist. Spring seems so far away. I am so tired of trudging to and fro work in the heaving snow that is showing no signs of stopping. So Christmas shopping has not even begun, in fact we haven't even put the Christmas tree up. Please forgive me for not being in a cheery mood. I promise the next time I come back to be good.

    Those spice containers (old and new) are such a marvellous idea. I'd be a happy gal if I was unwrapping them on Christmas day, but I know I won't be as my husband tells me I have way too many jars - of all kinds! Warm wishes from Snowy Scotland.

  7. What a great idea with the spice containers! Its nice to hear someone else hasn't had much time to blog. I too love to fill the pots with greens and no... I haven't had time yet. That will be this coming week after the rain. I love your reference to Spring being just over.... the horizon. Have a wonderful Christmas Brenda! Susan :)

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone.

    Alessandra..boys for me are so much harder...)))) Girls now...shopped for in an afternoon. So pleased you liked the Indian spice gift as I know you are a great cook.

    Niki..the dal at the Indian market on Robie is the freshest I have ever cooked. Hope you get a chance to go by. Thanks for your kind comments re the decorating (blush)..and the gingerbread smell...that's Christmas isn't it...certainly comfort food smell here on the east coast of Canada.

    Sue, you are doing a fantastic job at the new shop, and the decorating is beautiful. You and Mike are going to have a great year, I know it.

    Mark...well I suspected they were your quinces))). Hope you had a good visit and very interested to read of your travels to Nepal and India. We have been to Bangladesh, an incredible food and cultural memory. Love your writing.

    Oh Mangocheeks from snowy your blog faithfully..but right now am in Christmas mode and it's all fat and sweets I crave))...shushhhh. If you would like a spice container like that, let me know. (D doesn't have to)))

    Susan, I am so enjoying the blog journey you are sharing, with the purchase of your new home here on the South Shore. I really admire Neil's art! Spring is only over the horizon..what..another week and the days start to get longer..IMAGINE....