Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mid December Harvest

Surely we are getting close to the day when the ground fully freezes and winter's snowy silence arrives. Twelve degrees yesterday, and it smelled like spring....instead of planting out, we harvested leeks. As it's the first year growing them, we were pleased they took to our soil. A huge thanks to N. for giving us the transplants; we're hooked and will try to grow them again next year. They really do look architecturally and bluey gorgeous in the garden and seem very resilient. Plus, they freeze beautifully and make a most amazing leek and potato soup.

The various greens were taken out of the veg garden a few weeks back, transplanted into pots and put under lights. I had no hand in this so cheers to the Captain as they are growing quite nicely and we might even have a decent salad shortly.

A few days ago though, I was sure that was it...winter was here. The garden still holds Brussels sprouts... I am anxious to try these lightly chopped, sauteed with some olive oil, bacon, onion and a sprinkling of caraway perhaps.

We grew a purple variety as well so it will be interesting to see if they hold some color when cooked. Growing Brussels sprouts in this garden was also a first. The mice like them a lot but to be fair, I should have staked year))).


  1. Your veggies look so perfect and yummy! How clever to dig out greens from the garden. Mine would have been eaten by the deer . . . I do not mind so much as they only eat the garden in the very early spring or now when their food is gone. I am so envious of your having veggies in December . . . mid December at that! Impressive. Your photos are beautiful and inspire cravings for fresh fresh vegetables.

  2. What gorgeous photos - I love the Brussels Sprouts! I'm also so glad you enjoyed your leeks.. there is nothing better on a cold winter day than a steaming bowl of leek soup.. mmmm.. I still have some tucked in the straw bale cold frame and a few unprotected in the garden. But as you said, with temps well above zero, it doesn't feel like winter will ever arrive! :)


  3. So envious - of the first two pictures anyway.

    As for sprouts... mmmm. I love the pictures but as for the taste: I'll pass thanks

  4. I second the brussel sprouts look gorgeous but I can't stand the thought of eating them! I am very interested in your leeks though, I'm going to have to try growing these at some point. I love leek soup.

  5. I'd love to hear how the purple sprouts compare to the green variety and also how they cook? Whether they will retain or lose that beautiful colour.

  6. E. still has Brussels Sprouts out there as well as carrots and parsnips which are protected with bags of leaves. Your sprouts look gorgeous! Enjoy them.

  7. Yum! We love Brussels Sprouts! They look great!

  8. The sprouts look incredible! I cut mine in quarters and saute them in garlic, onion then add a lid for a gentle steam. I add olive oil and balsamic to create a marinade and put them in the fridge for a day. I serve them cold and they go great with everything! I've converted quite a few people to love them with this recipe. :)

  9. We were talking tonight about Brussels either love em or hate em)))). But, we didn't always love them...our parents cooked us gray green watery balls, boiled to death, but sauteing, like Neil and Susan do brings out great flavor. Use your favorite seeds as well, like caraway or cumin or fennel...and we tried adding dried cranberries and that was wonderful.

    Anyway, just a huge thank you for all the kind and great comments. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Here we are sliding into a New Year. Isn't that great!! A new beginning... Oh the opportunity!

    Mango, the purple sprouts never lost their color although the next day they were kind of bluish.