Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fake vs. Real tree

Yes, every time we cut down a tree for Christmas, the baby trees are lost. Good point! Sad point really...and possible justification can only be found when we think of Christmas trees as a crop.

Nova Scotia is a North American top grower of Christmas trees. They provide income for farm families and huge pleasure to all those lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience the wonder of tromping through a woodlot, chopping down your own tree, lashing it to the top of the jeep (in our case) and taking it home to decorate.

Christmas Trees will be consumed by many folks who celebrate this time of year....but, is it valid to "chop 'er down". I find that a hard question to answer, not withstanding the cultural, religious, economic and nature's critter food value and okay...yes....there is the aesthetic argument.

This is the thing...the argument this year. I just didn't want to get up on the step ladder another year, trying to arrange lights and fuss with decorations because I'm not feeling as fit as I used to be. The joints are hurting; knees and especially one shoulder make a complaint. So I argued against a fresh cut tree this year and sadly won.

So it's done. We got the artificial...and after the smell of all the toxins left the house, it isn't too bad. WE decorated it together. I wasn't as tired and cranky as I sometimes get and it did come decorated with LED lights..good for the planet, right! In fact, if you didn't know it was fake, you'd think where did they get that big beautiful tree? No watering.... you can bend the branches almost perfectly to support the decorations, and there won't be a big cleanup afterward. Captain says laughingly, he will miss the big ball of brown dead tree in the back garden all winter after Christmas. Me, not so much.

However I feel the guilt of compromise and supporting plastic.

They make new hips and knees out of plastic though, don't they?


  1. Great post Brenda! It has always been a dilemma for me. Chop a living tree or as you said, support the plastic world. It is a hard one to decide on. For me, I like to decorate very early, making the fake tree is a good option. Ours in going on 20 years old, so the investment was good. But we purchased before prelit trees, therefore I still have to struggle with the lights.

    Your tree looks beautiful! I hope you both enjoy it!


  2. I'm sure it's a lovely tree Brenda.. I had this debate with my mom this very morning - fresh vs fake.. for now, fresh (from a local farm) rules.. but we may go for fake once the kids are older.. I'm not so good with the watering and nothing says 'Christmas' like a tree 1/2 defoliated by Christmas eve! :)

  3. We have one of each but if I'm honest I prefer the artificial one - the 'real' one is messy and doesn't even smell nice.
    I really like the top drawing, especially the three trees in the top corner

  4. Now, my dear friend, go find a little pine scent and put a wee drop on a light bulb.Voila, heavenly evergreen scent when the light is on and warm.It was two years before our kids realized the tree was artificial. This from the girl who knits and sews with natural fibers only.We all have our breaking point. What WILL be next!

  5. Oh my, have put balm on any misgivings and made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that!!

    Mark, that drawing was done in 2007 by a soon to be family member and it has stayed on the white board ever since because it makes us smile and fills us with special memory. I am sure D will appreciate your compliment.

    Niki...think your mom and I are the same "vintage". YUP, nothing says Christmas like a half naked fresh..ummmm...half dead tree. NOT))) you guys had a whack of snow! Good thing you have an artificial tree because it would have been a huge trek getting out to cut one down. Keep shoveling Andy!!

    Thanks so much for the kind comments and encouragement.

  6. Brenda - the 'WE' part of the decorating really struck a chord with me - good move on your part. I argued and finally got my way of not putting up two trees!!!UGH - the thought of it all did me in as I get older and the 'wee' ones are no longer. As for the artificial aspect, Yankee Candles will do you wonders - the Balsam Fir scent is lovely. And, hey, there is ambiance as well! Since Christmas trees are grown in farms, they are considered a sustainable harvest, which is a 'Good Thing' as someone named Martha likes to say. And, they keep a LOT of people happy and fed. I am sure your tree is lovely. Enjoy!

  7. Oh I have loved all these comments...heartfelt they are...each and every one! I think we are on the same page. Yankee Candles Maria, have had two burning all Christmas )))). Thank you.

    As for the fresh is a sustainable harvest and we thought many years ago, we would have a Christmas tree farm..but it didn't happen.

    I am reading a book "Gardening for a to garden wiser as you grow older". When I finish I will likely blog about it. A wake up for someone with a bad left wing))) and age creeping up there.