Friday, December 31, 2010

Of Seeds and New Beginnings

Celebrate the New Year... fill out a seed order! Giant Mussleburg Leeks, Red Parella, King Tut Pea and OSU Blue Tomatoes from Annapolis Seeds...heady words...who needs Champagne!!! Well I guess, maybe one little glass if you insist )))

Spent part of the morning, looking through seed catalogues. It's easy to get carried away..... Do I really want to try Vicar Hulless Oats? Well yes I do!! How about Ziar breadseed Poppy...yup..that too! The Captain has discovered "the bread machine" and, unlike myself, who was never successful with the thing..he's cranking out bread every other day and GREAT bread at that! His latest success was Walnut and Raisin. So perhaps, if the oats and poppy seed are successful, we can use them in bread making.

That's the thing about beginning a new brings fresh opportunity, revitalizes us with new hope and fills us with anticipation. Can I grow it, should I grow it, must I grow it...yes yes yes! Don't ask me in August when the crop is a failure..right now I am convinced the New Year will bring great success and prosperity in the garden and I am holding to that!

Still...the year ends in success as well, and hope has turned to joy. The Narcissus, just today, has bloomed to welcome the New Year.

Wishing you all, a most Prosperous, Healthy and Happy New Year. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. Blog On! 2011, we're ready for you.


  1. This is nice a post to ring in the new year! Your Narcissus are just beautiful and such perfect timing. And the bread sounds soooo good! We wish you and your family a very Happy and Healthy 2011.
    Hugs, Michele and Andy

  2. Blog on, Brenda! I love that. Brilliant to have a flower open for the new year too :-)

    Lol… want to come up with a tag line for the Captain and his bread baking… nope… can’t for the moment :-)

    Yep… with you on new beginnings, a fresh year and a fresh outlook too. Lol… re seeds… I should forget the catalogues and get looking in that drawer of unsown ones to see what is viable… oops.

    I’m absolutely thrilled for you re your parcel from Santa. I’ll not say what it is as I’m certain you will be posting on it! Let’s hope you have success there too :-D

    I’ve enjoyed our exchanges via posts and comments over the last year. Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2011! Oh yes… blog on ;-)

  3. One of my much anticipated chores this weekend - ordering seeds! My problem is I want to buy 50 things when I only have room for about 10. I blame it on the pretty pictures.

  4. So funny - my paperwhites bloomed today as well! And they smell delicious. Happy garden dreams. They are the best kind, especially during these cold days of winter. Wishing you and your family a very heathy New Year!

  5. Great seed choices Brenda! Your garden is simply spectacular and I can't wait to see it over the coming year.. Gardeners often tell me that a veggie garden just can't be pretty - well, I think you've busted that myth! :)

  6. I know your feelings... when I look at a seed catalog I go nuts... but I really have to be careful about what I plant here in New Zealand, not only because of the weather, but some 'exotics' are not good for the native bush, they compete with the locals in a dangerous way.

    Beautiful narcissus!

    Happy New Year :-)


  7. I am still clearing my new garden - though I made a break through yesterday when we finally got rid of the last skip full of old rubbish the previous owners had simply piled up.

    Onward with raised beds - and then some planting

  8. May your prosperity and successes in the garden bloom true Brenda! May you have a truly Happy New Year too!

  9. A Happy New Year and many thanks for all the comments here and through the past year. Amazing to me, that blogging has bloomed to include such kind folks as yourselves. I love all your blogs. Thank YOU for sharing your days.