Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holding The Holidays Precious

This is the first year, trying Narcissus in glass. I have attempted growing them in the past, propped with twigs and vine..all artsy. ...but they still looked kinda sad((((. Visited  Halifax seed  last week and was so impressed by their fantastic bloom display. Oh...could I do that????  Left feeling very inspired.

Found a tall twelve dollar vase at  Winners  ...added a few polished stones from a summer water feature, nestled the bulbs in the bottom, adding water just to their round ends. We are way too late for a Christmas display....maybe New Years? Goodness..the bulbs are growing steadily.

Regarding the carving...the Captain's first attempt ...white oak.... He says he is not artistic..  We were apart for a long time that year (him being at sea); he thought he would try his hand at carving this gift. Precious to me, the gift and he.

May your holidays be bright...and they fill you with light...and all that is precious hold you tight.


  1. And a happy Christmas to you as well, Brenda! I love what you've done here, and I think they should be just great. My paperwhites are done, but I have many other bulbs to bloom or in bloom, so it's all good. Might be a white Christmas too, although I'm mostly just hoping for a safe one for all.

  2. Merry Christmas Brenda and Rob.I picture you on your wee island with the drawbridge up all snuggled in safe and sound.Hope to see you over the holiday

  3. 'Precious to me, the gift and he.'

    Could be poetry.

    Merry Christmas and many thanks for the kind comments on my blog this year.

  4. Handmade gifts are so much more precious.

    The carved swan is absolutely beautiful.

    Wishing you and the Captain a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I also would like to say Thank you Brenda for all your kind words of support and encouragement. x

  5. Merry Christmas Brenda and best wishes for 2011! (I love paperwhites too - so fragrant at this bleak time of the year..) :)

  6. The paperwhites look great in the glass against the lights sparkling blue.

  7. What a beautiful photo Brenda! Everything looks so festive. Susan

  8. this looks lovely and I hope you and he had the best of days.
    I don't need the white stuff, do you?

  9. Good Morning Brenda, This is such a lovely post! Your paperwhites will be lush and blooming before you know it. Your Captain's goose is a work of art! Precious as your words in this post. I hope you are enjoying the remaining days of this Holiday Season. Many Blessings for the New Year! Carol

  10. What a nice post post Brenda! Your tree looks lovely and I hope your Holiday was equally as lovely! And, your carved goose is just spectacular! Nothing like a handmade gift to warm ones heart. I hope you are enjoying the Holiday season and we send our love and best wishes for 2011.

  11. Best wishes to you for a great 2011, with blooms, greens, and pretty butterflies too :-)



  12. The tall glass vase...what a clever idea!