Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just a Few More Bulbs

Just when I felt sure, I was pretty well done with the mind kept returning to those discounted brown bags of bulbs at the local nursery. Surely at that price, I reasoned, I could find room for just a few more. Where though, where to plant the top of the drive perhaps!

Tulipa ‘Canadian Liberator’ was named in honor of the Canadians who liberated Holland during the Second World War. Described as an early to mid season red triumph tulip, I thought they could be perfect! 'The spring vision' ...sparkling red tulips, emerging Sum and Substance hosta, stunning under the white blooming bower of Cornus "Constellation". Forever the optimist, that's me)))  Instead of bouquets of  three, five or seven  tulips, I did the big scatter...this, I have never done before. Will it work? Will it look too loosey goosey...too rough? Only spring will tell.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Continuing our day's work in the garden...heavy snow, rabbits, deer and mice are always a problem in winter and early spring. Thankfully, we are again having some lovely sunny weather and so, dragged out the wire reinforcement team.

I really do think this is about it. We cleaned out the pond as well, took out all the dying water hyacinth plants, delighting in finding a dragonfly nymph. How wonderful is that!


  1. I think your tulip planting should be amazing! Cornus Constellation... isn't that a Rutger's hybrid... what zone are you? The wire looks oh so familiar and this weekend we added scads of rolled six foot burlap around the wire encased Japanese maples. We are still on the dry side and I have concerns, but there isn't much I can do...we do have a couple inches of frost at this point. On the new small conifers, I install a short thin post and cover with a burlap sack which goes pretty fast. The gardens do look a bit strange however, with all these protections in place! Larry

  2. I too think this should be amazing, Brenda! And anytime you need encouragement to do something like put in a few more bulbs, you have my support. (as if you didn't know.) A lovely tulip, and a wonderful tribute to our veterans and the Canadian/Netherland friendship that continues to this day.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Larry and Jodi.

    Yes Larry, it is a Rutger's hybrid, and we are about zone 6. I notice this fall it is loaded with bloom potential for next year, but we shall see what winter does to them. Your description of the garden looking strange..I can sure relate to that))).

    Ahem..Jodi...your encouragement weakened me...BIG SMILE....and the more I reasoned, sixty bulbs were the price of one perennial, who could resist. However, wise enough to know, it all depends on weather and critters not eating the bulbs. Yes, that variety is a wonderful tribute, totally agree.

  4. oh I'm jealous - I have given up feeding my deer so no bulbs this year. They can have the hostas - I don't care but bulbs that I carefully lovingly plant only to have EACH one eaten - nope. I give up! I will come and look at yours....

  5. Oh Jan...I am of a mind to think the tulips won't make it...surely the chipmunks and squirrels will have them...the deer not so much..but there..I have tempted them in the writing!! We do have the Chief though..."the stink". Maybe that will put them off.)))

  6. I will join the others in saying how impressive this is Bren! Your mesh protectors too. I cannot wait till spring to see all of the lovely tulip blooms. Bright and beautiful reds. I hope you do not have voles! I once did a planting of hundreds of tulips and they did last for a few years but in the end voles got them. Worth it for those years of beauty though. I wish yours good luck!! Perhaps the name will help too!

  7. Nice tulips shot! I read "A Botany of Desire" awhile ago by Michael Pollen (sp?) and really enjoyed it. Especially his chapter on the history of the tulip! Fascinating stuff.

    You're industrious, Bren, and we, the readers, benefit. Thank you!

  8. I've hardly been in my garden the past two weeks and you are makingme feel guilty. You both have been very busy. Your garden will look even more amazing than it already is with all these tulips you planted.

    Finding a dragonfly nymph. How wondrous.