Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still Time Left to Plant Tulip Bulbs?...hope so)))

Bright flowers one day; a hint of Ole' Man Winter the next. sure was chilly today, however, no wind to speak of, so that was a blessing. Had a great walk with Chief stopping to photograph the ice in the bay.  There was a bit of skim ice as well, which didn't stop the ducks and loons from fishing. It was, in fact, a great birding day. Just when I walked to the back feeder (inadvertently frightening some goldfinch), a small hawk took advantage of their fear, flew down like a rocket...but missed it's prey. Chief and I, also inadvertently, disturbed a Great Blue Heron fishing by the drawn up wharf in the photo...flew off too fast for fumbling cold hands to get a photo. It's all very well to mention the birding experiences but when you don't have a photo to show...kinda sad)))). So you're stuck with the wharf at least.

Thoughts of planting spring greens in the summerhouse (we'll see))) and visions of sugar plums are dancing in my head. Now must get those last few dozen bulbs put in the ground. Yes, I weakened and bought more))))... on sale mind you, hard to resist. I know you understand........


  1. Brrrr! But yes, Bren, have no fear...there's still plenty of time to plant bulbs. I've done them on New Years Day before. So you're way, way ahead of the game. :-)

  2. I am completely enamored with your last photo. Your rabbit is so lovely and the sign pointing the way for the bulbs to go.

  3. Thanks them in today. Had to crack the crust, but underneath was still nice and soft.

    Marguerite, thank you for your kind comment on the last photo. It's our built-in pine bench by the back door and everything gets thrown on it (which means no one seems ever to be able to sit there to take off their boots). The rabbit was summer decoration, the books should have been on the table and bulb bags got dropped there to take outside to the Garden. So pleased you liked it, thank you.

  4. Thank you for the kind words on my blog - hope you come back sometime.
    I love herons and their languorous flight; like teenagers getting out of bed, a sort of 'do I have to' quality to it. You live in a beautiful place.

  5. Fun post. Winter is coming, but to a gardener time to plan for spring!

  6. If I could I would plant tulips, they are so lovely, but here it doesn't freeze, some people put them in the freezer (or fridge, not sure) but it is not my style of gardening, and probably I would get it wrong anyway...

    I'll wait for the photos of yours next spring :-)