Sunday, November 7, 2010

"More Rain"...the Mourning Doves Complain in Disgust

"Heh guys...don't look so down... and just ignore those ravens!! "

Gosh, they looked so forlorn; you can't see the sheets of rain in the photo but trust me, it was a horrible wet day, not fit for birds let alone bugs. However, it was (at least for me) unusual to see one of the rotting crow pecked apples covered in insects on such a miserable day. What are these??? They are on all the windfalls.
It's hard to leave the house when it's dark in the middle of the day. I would rather be inside...but the Chief needs his walk and heh..grab the camera Bren!!

A little brook not far from us, is thundering...the noise quite deafening..but oh how beautiful it looks coursing over the rocks and flowing into the sea beside the little cottage perched perilously close to the outlet.

The water table is really high in the garden...well, there is simply nowhere for the rain to go anymore. I keep hoping the Oak Island Treasure will bob to the surface)))).

Oh well...just light rain all day tomorrow and cloudy with showers the next day and rain on Wednesday, Showers on Thursday and SUNSHINE on Friday. (Captain weatherman says subject to change without notice) but...Gosh I sure am looking forward to Friday..


  1. Dark and Rainy here too.
    Don't know what to say...except hurry Friday.

  2. "Some people walking in the rain, others just get wet" You were out walking.Lovely pictures, Brenda. Love the one with the tumbling brook.


  3. I hope for you that the rain stops and gives you a break!!! Will you get snow soon?

  4. Thanks for the comments MC and Donna.. the good news is..the rain did stop, and now it is cold and the earth all crispy crusty hard. Alessandra, it should snow soon but I hope it stays away for a little while yet.