Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cleaning UP and Last of the Harvest

The last pages are turning; the final chapters are being read. In March we were so delighted to realize we could eat new sprouting Kale .....  here we are in November, picking what I feel must be close to the last of the fresh greens.

Two days ago, the nasturtiums were evicted from their raised bed abode and composted. I tell you, it was hard to take them out; as bad as they looked, they were still alive with blooms in deep pockets near the soil. Do all gardeners feel this way?

The raised bed ledge, was decorated with nature's mono prints...revealing the true essence of  nasturtium leaf structure. Oh how I miss them.


  1. The last of your harvest sure looks wonderful! We attended an "indoor" farmers market last night and got some beets and apples and even homemade pasta!

  2. E has done the same thing...going over everything with the rototiller....but then the beds look so clean and "ready" for the spring planting after he has finished! Something to anticipate!

  3. Your basket looks pretty as a picture - edible too :) Enjoy the last of your winter greens.

    Forgive me for sharing this, but Re your nastitiums in the compost bin. Check out the last paragraph in this blog post of mine from last year.

  4. Oh MC that's funny!!! I loved the photo of the nasturtiums in the compost. Will take care! Think -24 c might take care of a lot of reseeds though. Your post cheered me up..thank you :0)