Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Upon Reflection..

"A Place to Sit, and Reflect on your Day"...every gardener needs that...their quiet place..their still place. When the sun starts to sparkle low through the birch tree tops about six'ish, we wind our way to the pond, feed the fish and talk about our day and also our plans for tomorrow.

About four years ago, we found a goldfish scroll in Toronto's just didn't get used..until this year. We hung it outside above the pond, and although Hurricane Earl had a rip of it..the scroll has a lovely appeal reflected in the water, with the goldfish babies swimming through the image.

Thinking outside the that what they call it...))))


  1. lovely, I want a pool. We have a swamp at the bottom of our property - does that count? It's where Jackmo, the rooster, went to meditate after the rottweiler attacked him!

  2. Oh Jan, you are too funny!! Poor Jackmo..did his feathers grow back?

    A swamp is can do a lot with a boggy area and bet you have dragon and damsel flies aplenty!

  3. I see it and it looks really lovely and wonderfully located. As if they are ready to jump in the pond.

  4. Love your pond. I like the stone around.

  5. Ah Brenda, I too love your pond. I love your thinking out the box too! I'm thinking about the refections for my new pond as I build it. Wishing you a good week... I don't can btw ;-)