Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Change

There's no denying it...summer has pretty well gone from the garden and soon from the calendar, except for the killing frost which I sincerely hope is a little while away yet. Heavy morning dews show us a different garden than the one we have been used to seeing...asparagus fronds sparkle and highlight the custard white squash grown much larger than it should have been allowed (ahem...)))) Very suitable for decoration though!

Foliage is collapsing inside the vegetable garden, although there are still sturdy greens growing...leeks, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and more.

It's this time of year especially, when spiders delight in catching you in their webs, showing off their brilliant weaving skills!

It's time to pick up a few pumpkins and think about Thanksgiving.......lots to be grateful for... it's been a wonderful summer.


  1. Lovely! I bet if I go up to my garden, i have squash even bigger hiding under the leaves! This year, I planted as usual in late May and another planting 1 month later.. this resulted in a fresh crop of tender baby squash in late Aug, just when the first crop was getting very tired.. :)

  2. That LOOKS like a big squash. Are they edible? (Of course, that's my first question! ;-> )

    Nice overview, Bren. And, I love the web shot. Have you seen the spider? Do you know what kind it is?


  3. Cobwebs always, always amaze me. How such a small creature has such a fabulous talent to weave.

  4. oh what a lovely post...love the huge squash and the spun artwork. yay!