Sunday, September 5, 2010

Big Clean Up and Thanks for Kind Thoughts

Thanks to all who sent their best wishes; we appreciated them so very much. Power is just back on!

Remarkable at the end of the hurricane..... wind'n sunshine with gratefulness. The cleanup, although tedious, was a huge page turner...the garden looks renewed and refreshed, although sparse. We can now fully see the veg garden fence, and beyond. (I honestly don't know why this photo looks so blue or purple and I did try to adjust it... but you get the drift)))

Sweet peas on the back wall, are mostly gone now...lost the main (focal point) bean tepee inside the vegetable garden but the Blue Morning Glory tripod stayed in the ground just fine. The Miscanthus, although flattened...found it's memory and with a little support is going to be alright. Same re the Verbena Bonariensis, a joy to the hummingbirds and my eyes right about now))).

Speaking of the hummingbirds, they are still here and surprisingly, blooms they are enjoying including the above...are radish flowers...who'd a thunk? Maybe they like a little spicey hot with their sweet? I know I do!

Again, thanks for all the kind thoughts and very appreciated. Bren


  1. Hope the power stays on! But it wasn't too bad here on the north end of the island. Have seen worse but don't want to see anything as bad for the rest of this year.

  2. what kind of plums do you grow?

  3. I don't know what kind of plums they are sadly, as they were on the property when we came here. is a cherry plum though.. very sweet and red.

  4. Glad to hear the hurricane has passed and the clean up is done! You guys are fast! Your garden looks perfect!


  5. So glad you got power back (it's amazing what we take for granted!); whew what a mess!; I'm still just amazed at the fairy tale look of your white picket fence garden every time I look at it---just gorgeous; and I really like the radish flower shot--nicely done.

    And, your energy seems boundless!


  6. Hi Brenda, that looks scary. I'm so glad it wasn't any worse . But still lots of work cleaning up. It all looks so nice again. Our garden is pretty much over now. We are also cleaning up. Sue

  7. Things are looking up, Brenda. We sure do have to be tough-skinned to garden in this province, don't we? Today we have a north wind that is being all kinds of nuisance, knocking things in a different direction. I just tied up one clump of miscanthus that had been handling it all fine so far but was annoyed by this northerly blast. And it feels. like. fall. today. Sigh...