Thursday, September 16, 2010

Joyful Tomato Days

DO YOU CAN?... "Jumpins" (as my uncle Richard is fond of saying))))...Yes I do!!!

Sure I started out with the pickles and jams about thirty-five years ago...but recently (the last six years or so) I got "all exotic"..and if you have followed my blog I specifically grew tomatoes this year hoping to make again, my favorite Tomato chutney.. from Madhur Jaffery's book "Taste of India" and a new recipe of Sarah Raven's called Chilli Jam.

It's been a great day..lots of boiling and steam... tomatoes from our garden (gold, purple and red) simmering...the house smells of garlic, cumin, ginger, fennel....and more.

Yes my legs are saying sit down, but my mouth is saying...sigh, I reach for the cheddar cheese, crackers and that lovely soft warm chutney..ahem..jam. Makes no's divine.


  1. I know the feeling, Brenda!!

  2. Oh Brenda, I am just loving the look of your kitchen and so wish I was in there with you helping out. I jcan just imagine the smells that have been coming out of your kitchen (drool).

    Re: Sarah Raven's recipe , I made it last year - twice!
    not very successfully. Though tasted good, the result was syrupy, than jammy. Maybe it was me. I'm looking forward to hearing how yours turns out - much better than mine I hope.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Thanks Donna, and I know first hand, the beautiful preserves you have put aside.

    Readers...Donna and I are doing a taste exchange sometime very soon.

    MC...I am going back to the recipe I posted after sending this and adjusting the measurements. It is definitely two cups of light brown sugar (that's what we call it here) and I made it with the German Gold tomatoes last night and with golden seedless raisins...The Captain believes it is the very best ever.

    I found that it takes far longer to make both of these chutneys than the recipes say...and one has to stick to it till it gets jammy... when you pull the spoon across the bottom of the pot, it should definitely take five to ten seconds for the product to come together.

    Also...should have said on the recipe...don't stir and gentle with the fruit. I actually stewed down the tomatoes first to get as much moisture out as possible before adding it to the recipe...(is that the secret????)

    How I wish I could whiz a jar over to you..if customs would only allow!!! Oh I wish you were here to help out too..I was bushed after yesterday))))

  4. MC.. Listen to the master. What Brenda says about thick,I call it the parting of the Red Sea, is essential. And I think stewing down the tomatoes is another good tip. Some tomatoes are much waterery than others.
    Brenda I'll be waiting for the recipe.

  5. I love seeing what other bloggers preserve this time of year. I need the inspiration!

  6. Next year I'll be bugging both you and Donna for some advice on making all of these wonderful treats! Lovely photos as always.. Niki

  7. Thank you Brenda and Thank you to Donna. I did wait for it to go jammy, but it looked like it was going to end up just being a jar, rather than jarS. Anyay, I will listen to the Master or should it be Mistress, should I ever get the opportunity to make it again. Fingers crossed I will x