Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earl's Almost Done Here!

The morning paper didn't was rather a rough go!! Gardeners in our area, had their bean teepee's toppled, all sorts of perennials flattened, crops damaged and close to us, a number of trees came down. Not willing to actually stand in the torrential rain, we took a few photos from inside the vehicle. This is in a neighbour's front yard:

The Captain had to check on boats.... it was wild on the water but thankfully, no vessels in his care were lost .

The wind is still blowing about thirty or forty knots but Earl is moving on..thankfully. Tomorrow will be a BIG cleanup day...a composting opportunity)))).


  1. I was concerned for you folks... glad to hear that for the most part, your gardens came through, and more importantly, you and your family weren't hurt! L

  2. Glad all is well in your corner of the world Brenda.Like you we will be cleaning up tomorrow but just leaf litter and broken branches. We are feeling very lucky given what might have been.

  3. Hi Brenda - yes, it was wild but fine here. Didn't even lose a tomato! Glad you're good.

  4. Thanks for the update Brenda, we were thinking of you! Glad you and your family are safe. The pictures look pretty wild though.


  5. glad earl is almost done there.

  6. Oh Brenda.
    Hurricane Earl was really close, I didn't realise just how close.

    So glad for you its passed over without too much damage.