Saturday, September 11, 2010

Night Shots

There's wonderful beauty in the night garden. Beaming moonlight and glowing house light peek into crevices, paths and the secret evening hideouts of our daytime garden friends.

My heart gave a little thump last evening, walking near the pond; I had forgotten we had a new resident. No, he wasn't real, but for a moment, I thought he was. Stainless steel and life size, he is the most awesome belated birthday gift and I want to thank N, K and L for crafting it, and giving to your "gardeningbren" cousin!! She is just thrilled with this "fine bird".

On the other hand, it is sad to see the garden waning...leaves starting to fall, tomato plants drooping at the end of their season. Others are holding on though, and those of course, would be the German Gold's who are really coming on now....Golden tomato soup, salsa and sauce..mmm and we are getting a few hot peppers...perfect timing.

The nasturtiums are continuing to bloom their heads off, covering plants that are in demise.

Still promise in the soil..............


  1. I love/covet your new garden resident, Brenda. Beautiful day or night I'm sure.Feeling the same as you about the end of the season. My mind is turning to the quilting and knitting that was put on hold in March.It was cool enough todat to bake bread for the first time all summer.The bluejays empty the feeders daily and today there were no hummers flitting about.It was a glorious summer though, wasn't it! Donna

  2. oh that glorious bird!! I love it and if my dad saw it, well best not let him know about it. He fancies them as his power animal and calls himself 'Old Blue'. Wonderful.
    As a haphazard gardener everything that comes out now is my friend - 'thanks for surviving my neglect!' I shout at the tomatoes, cukes and strawberries which are still coming on well.
    fun, wha?

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I love your belated birthday heron! What a wonderful gift and the craftsmanship is so perfect! Wow! Lucky you! Herons are a favorite of mine!

    I enjoyed all of your night shots! Well done!


  4. Ah Brenda, I can see why you stopped in your tracks... what a handsome fellow! You have very talented friends. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday too :-D

    I always enjoy night shots as you know. I'm watching live a hedgehog feeding via a night cam at the minute. Yes, saw first signs of leaves turning on a garden visit at the weekend. Just been out tonight and there is a definite Autumnal nip in the air.