Friday, August 13, 2010

Not's Chester Race Week!

"A Year in a South Shore Garden", must include a few days out in the boat! YOU can't garden every day!!! Those mad about sailing, during Chester Race Week, take to the water and compete; magically, most of them arrived back today with spinnakers aloft awesome and thrilling sight only possible with just the right wind conditions. Although the photos show but a few, the horizon was filled with a hundred colors not excluding a giant pink spinnaker! I was quite taken with the red, white and blue.

Chester is crawling with boats and boaters and want to be boaters..and true sailors. Got me one of those)). So the Captain, Chief and I, spent a great day on the sea. The Chief, on "dock lookout duty", was happy to get back to shore..FIRST off, like every Cocker we have known)))


  1. Hi there Bren, me thinks the Chief has better sea legs than me... great capture! Enjoy the seas this week :-D

    Just love the word verif... hydraten!

  2. Love this--what fun and a beautiful area, Bren! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh wow Brenda, you got some great pictures. It must have been such a treat to be out there and see the horizon filled with sails!

    Chief is quite handsome! Is he a cocker?

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. This does look like a beautiful area. It's good you took a break to enjoy.

  5. The picnic boat!!!!! We are spending a lovely holiday in Baddeck as Chester Race Week is happening....