Friday, August 6, 2010

The Lowly Nasturtium

It's the first flower seeded, full of anticipation, buried in the cold spring soil... tucked in about a week before the last frost because" it likes a chill before germination". The peachy-rose one above with the variegated leaf is giving an especially good show this year...but because I tuck seeds in all over...well not sure about it's name but think it is Climbing Nasturtium "Amazon Jewel" from Rene's Seeds. As an aside...I did plant their Mounding Nasturtium "Cherries Jubilee" near the Cambridge Scarlet Monarda..almost an identical color..but let's just say..the Cherries Jubilee didn't really set fire to the bed. It has wonderful color..but poor bloom but of course, it may just be wrong location etc.

Fabulous plants these many varieties, can eat the leaves, flowers and seeds...they are excellent for your body, and they are so merry;... orange, red, peachy and yellow...a delight. As a fellow blogger recently posted...the leaves alone are enough to grow them, even if they never produce flowers.

Well, it's a lovely night...going back out to enjoy the last of the fire...


  1. I LOVE the lowly nasturium. I had a few make it from seed to garden though the chickens uprooted them a few times...I love to eat their caper like seeds on a salad along with the flowers. And I think they are beeeyoooooutiful!
    lovely pictures Brenda!