Monday, August 23, 2010

A Harvest has Begun

Our veg garden is behind those of other blogger friends. For a while now, I have watched with anticipation, hopeful the beans and tomatoes would soon be ready. Shall I say, I was feeling a bit disappointed ours were taking far longer than expected(((. Today however, we did manage our first good crop of beans: Dragon Tongue, Blauhilde, Goldmarie and Fortex, the most tender of them all.

We are also eating late strawberries and tiny sweet plums (no they are not cherry tomatoes in the photo))).

The custard white zucchini are still going...STRONG! How many ways can you eat a zucchini, even if it is a special and tasty one?

Do you notice the little green nubs to the top left of the platter...they are radish seed pods. Chopped up, they added a good bite to our tomato salsa tonight...Speckled Roman, Purple Calabash, Scotia, mint and radish pods...simple food with great flavor. Thanks L for the SR seeds!


  1. Any advice on the when to harvest/how to use the white zucchini? My plants where gifts and I was wondering what these ufo shaped squash where!

  2. Dear Languid Lovely...thanks for visiting. Re the UFO's))))..I harvest them starting at about the size in the photo or smaller. However, if I miss doing that, they can get large very quickly and those I cut four sides off and compost the center part or use the flesh sliced or grated in any recipe (also freezes well for soups in the winter). The smaller ones I slice and stir fry as the seeds aren't really formed (they stay firmer than the long green or yellow variety). Recently I made a great curry soup...sort of treated the zucchini like a potato... Lots of recipes on google, that helped.

  3. It all looks great! You will be having some wonderful fresh meals!

  4. Where did you get the white custard zucchini seeds? They are beautiful.