Monday, August 23, 2010

A Migration has Begun

Has our property finally been considered part of "the highway" by birds? After eleven years of growing bird friendly plants, having water features, three hummingbird feeders and two year round feeders...we think, today was a highlight in our bird and garden experience. Above, this Nuthatch is in water heaven...!

The back yard was alive like it has never been before...birds alighted on the outside table, chairs, every conceivable seed carrying flower, and besides that, they jockeyed for first place at the above water feature. Warblers were flitting, American Gold Finches were glinting, and the stray Grackle (a sure sign of pilgrimage here) wanted first place at the feeder. Blue Jays were complaining, but crows or ravens. Oh to truly know the way of birds.

The "Newfs" are surely coming south! (summer Newfoundland birds going south to avoid the winter))). I am sure there were at least eight hummingbirds today, when we usually have one family.

So, in anticipation of more migration tomorrow....I will keep the binoculars handy!


  1. oh what heaven - I am sick with jealousy! Though I did see that gray hawk bird still to be named. Fraid my chickens keep the other birds off our property to some extent. We had a wild night with racoons crying though...

  2. Oh the nuthatch picture is wonderful and such a beautiful fountain you have! Katie doesn't watch birds much till she hears them splashing, then she comes running. We just love the birds, but due to a huge mouse issue a few years ago, we had to stop the seed feeders, but have continued on with nectar and bird baths! We, too, are having extra hummers and I'm thinking I need to put out the additional feeder that I normally add about this time.


  3. Not ready for the migrations yet, but yeah, they are beginning. Doesn't seem possible, does it? Here's hoping for some wet weather soon--a lot of places getting very dry very quickly.

  4. We have had lots of birds also. Flocks of starlings passing through as well as the regular visitors. Had a hawk swoop into the feeding area one afternoon. Didn't catch anything thank goodness. Not something I wanted to witness.The hot weather has made the bird bath a popular place.