Thursday, August 26, 2010

Inside the Vegetable Garden ... What Can You Manage?

We love to eat vegetables as much as we love to grow flowers)))). Including the asparagus bed and bean wall, "the food production garden" is about thirty-five foot by twenty-five, and provides for a family of four when we are all here. Come, I'll open the gate.

The bean tepee has finally come into it's own, giving a good crop of Bleuhilde and Fortex beans.... a beautiful combination of green and purple black beans; truly the most prolific, tender beans we have ever grown. The foot path was covered in nasturtium and marigold, recently cut back as we couldn't get in))))! Brussels sprouts are gaining ground after the early cabbage fly damage...we are looking forward to eating them at Christmas.

Sometimes, it is hard to get a perspective on the vegetable garden when friends visit, unless you are "inside" the rabbit proof gate. The birdbath is the centerpiece.....the deal is....and I know the birds understand this)))... you can have a hop down and get those pesky bugs!!

We are making an effort to gather seed this year; Red Salad Bowl lettuce is one plant we hope to collect from. It is our favourite (red) green, and looks beautiful on presentation.

Swiss Chard has not been a champion this year; leaf miner damage made it just too difficult to harvest until now.

Cosmos has been makes a nice airy bouquet in the veg garden...enticing and welcoming, linking the outside flower beds to the inside food garden.

At the end of today, we gathered more plums to stew...trouble is..the Chief loves the sweet juicy ones and it is a trial to keep him away from them, especially when they fall to the ground.

Hope you enjoyed walking with me through the veg garden. It isn't that big, I know...but it is enough for us and about all I can manage. Think about that if you start a veg garden...just make it as big as you can, from a barrel to a field..but it must be what you can manage.


  1. Amen to that,Brenda!As we like to say 'A man should never plant more than his wife can tend.'

    Loved having a little walk about in your veggie patch. Food for body and soul!


  2. Wow Brenda, your garden is really something and it looks quite large to me! It's beautiful and your photos are too. Of course, being the animal lover that I am, my favorite pic is the one of your pup! He is so charming and I love seeing him taking part in different activities with you. (like the pic on boat and now we see he's a gardener too! Fun fun!)
    Enjoy your day,

  3. It is such a treat to see your amazing garden, Bren! Michele and I both are so impressed--it looks just abundant and so "loved."

    Thank you so much for sharing and I'd sure loved to try some plums too, that is, if the Chief will share.

  4. Thanks Donna, Michele and Andy.

    Donna...we had a good chuckle about your sentence...a man should never etc)))). Hope to have you visit soon...pray the hurricane on Saturday doesn't pound the garden into the ground. Batten the hatches))

    Michele and Andy, so glad you enjoyed the Chief and thank you for your kind and generous comments.

    Our Chief is an American Cocker Spaniel; you asked in another comment. He loves the boat, but even with discipline, he defies us and must be first off the boat, first on, first in the house, first down the stairs...always first.

    Chief didn't manage to keep down too many plums if you know what I mean..they do have pips and even a dog's tummy can't take six!!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting...we appreciate it very much and look forward to your blog entries as well, and the fantastic photos and inspiration!

  5. Ha,ha,ha! Just reading your blog of your beautiful garden and what you produce but have to chuckle about your dog eating the plums as our little brown cocker will eat any vegetable in sight and even ate the hostas down to stubs so had to dig those out! Nancy at