Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to Beds

It's not too early to smarten up the beds. Daylilies are finishing their bloom and can be divided; the same goes for other perennials...time to freshen the plantings, thin out perhaps, share with friends. So we started in on the Inula magnifica...doesn't that just tumble off the are magnifica!!... "too magnifica dear and you need to come down a few sizes!" Mind you, in our garden it thankfully doesn't reach it's full potential (and perhaps we now know why).

Who knew rockzilla was just below the surface. "Ahem...Captain...over here..we've got a problem!" From the start, this garden has been a rock haven in a sand dune....a challenge to say the least. (Can you feel my pain???) Yards and yards of compost on top does not make rock underneath disappear, and the sand only sucks the good compost into it's miserable depths.

So, crowbar in hand, wedgie of wood, lots of grunt work and it was out! Inula is now much smaller, other plants divided, and yes, the bed looks thin right now but in a week it will start to glow with the new bit of compost and surely, thrive without that lump under it's roots. I really need to make that bed wider...mmmm)))

Hope your beds are comfortable.


  1. It's like the Princess and the Pea; the poor plants can't rest with a big lump in their bed. And hey, now you have a nice decorative piece of hardscape to use :)

  2. Wow! I go away to PEI for a few days and miss so many of your posts.. what a nice treat to see your gorgeous photos.. everything looks so lovely and I can (almost) smell the sweet peas.. sigh..
    Niki (

  3. If only we could sell the rocks we discover in our beds, or perhaps order up what we find for rocks...mine would be nice red granite, or blue slate. What do I get? Fieldstone...boring, drab, potato shaped field stone. (I don't know what it's really called, but it's just boring.) Inula is a magnificent plant for sure. Mine has a few babies which are all eagerly spoken for when people see the size the plant gets.

  4. Brilliant Bren, been there many times (not with Inula) and never tire of hearing about and seeing others do the same! Oh yes, I can feel your pain but your sense of achievement also. Lol… nope I can say with absolute certainty my beds are not comfy just now… rocks everywhere ;-)