Monday, September 12, 2011

Tomato Fest in Nova Scotia

Where else, but at a Tomato Fest, would you get the opportunity to taste over fifty varieties of tomatoes! Although it was a bit of a drive from the South Shore to Middleton, in the Annapolis Valley, I wouldn't have missed this FIRST Time event for the world. The sky was blissfully blue, and the temperature just perfect for a fine get together with like minded tomato fanatics!
Click on photos to zoom in on named varieties
Tomato Heaven!
Of course, the merits of each variety were poured over....color, depth of taste, acid or sweet, perhaps a little of both? Do you want a sandwich size, or a pop in your mouth size? Paste did you say....San Marzano, Amish Paste or Speckled Roman to name just a few.   Black, Snow White and Sunshine Yellow Cherry begged to be eaten ;-).  Tiny Mexico Midget and Chiapis Wild, Giant Berkeley Tie Dye and almost equally huge Pineapple to satisfy your craving. The names alone, felt like a journey around the world and through time.
Mayan Indian, Cherokee Purple, Viva Italia...  One guest made a plate of tastes for her hubby who couldn't attend. Now why didn't I think of that?

Seedsman Owen Bridge, conducted a work shop "Saving your tomato seeds"; a peek in his greenhouse showed stacks of seeds drying, waiting to be placed in packets to send out to growers like you and I.

For a much fuller description of the tomatoes grown by Owen at Annapolis Seeds, go here. want to know my favourite out of allllll those I tasted do you?  My final decision...Black Cherry and Costoluto....both juicy and perfectly delicious. Next year....well let's just say, I have my list started.


  1. I've never seen a tomato festival, though near here they have a big apple and pear festival that is very good - especially when they get out the cider and perry!

  2. Oh I am so envious of all of those tomatoes the you could taste there! I have just planted my seeds now, spring her in NZ!

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  3. OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I wish I had made it there! Thanks so much for sharing these Brenda. Glad you loved Costoluto too. They've always been one of our favourites too. And they're so pretty!

  4. Wow!! What a fun event! Sounds like the weather was great! I am always learning all sorts of new tomatoes from your blog. I will have to ask some of the farmers, at our market, about growing some you mentioned. Beautiful pictures and, I too, love the nice plate the gal made to take to her husband!

  5. Oh my, I wish we could grow tomatoes like the ones you saw at the festival. Ours were such a bust we're going to try all of them from seed and grow them in pots next year.

    I haven't heard of Costoluto. Will have to look that one up. :) I have tried Black Cherry before and I agree it's delicious!

  6. Fifty varieties? That's awesome. Looks like you have a wonderful place.

  7. What fun! I wish I had been there. After years in the Toronto area, I am not often homesick, but your post has made me so. Maybe it is the mention of the south shore. I am planning a trip home in late October after years away. My sister is coming over from Ireland as well. (My other two siblings live in Halifax/Dartmouth.) It is only mid-September, but I am already getting excited about the trip.
    You are right when you hinted in the comment you left me that I might be becoming a tomatoe fanatic. I noted your favourites Black Cherry and Costoluto to keep in mind for next year.

  8. What a great looking bunch of tomatoes and so many varieties I have never heard tell of. Ours did not do very well this year. Usually we have lots for ourselves and plenty to give away but this year we hardly had enough for us, in fact we ate our last one last night. We didn't have time to get tired of them. I think blight from the wet summer we've had this year is responsible. Now, cucumbers...that's another story!

  9. It is wonderful to see such a great educational effort on all the diversity in tomatoes that is possible in Nova Scotia at the tomato fest. Thanks to Owen for his effort. Certainly tomatoes are a taste bud treat this time of year. Only in your own garden or at an organic farmers' market. And thanks to Brenda for her well written account of the event.

  10. I've heard of apple festivals but tomato festival sounds even better! I would love a chance to taste test all those beauties so I could choose what to plant. Each year is a bit of a gamble to see what the tomatoes turn out like.

  11. Thanks for all the great comments! It was such a fun day and I appreciate very much, that you took the time to visit the blog and share your tomato stories and kind remarks. Brenda