Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Vegging

Variety of Tomatoes from the Garden
Finally!! Summer arrived here in Nova Scotia two weeks ago. We've had hardly a hint of rain since (except for today))); the sea warmed up to seventy'ish, and the days unfolded hot and perfect. Such Bliss for the bones and the spirit. Blogging simply got pushed to the side, as did a lot of "should do" jobs and you know, they can always wait. Autumn is right over the next hill and coming on much quicker than I want it to.

The last few sunny days have encouraged the tomatoes to ripen fast. Tasmanian Chocolates were one of the earliest, but for our climate or perhaps with all the rain, they didn't live up to the flavor or texture I had expected. The Woodle Orange are wonderful, delicious and a good hand size, but not unblemished like the photo on the seedpack ;-). OSU Blue.... also beautiful and prolific. Not boring as I have read, at least not here in our garden of quick draining and acid soil...more robust than expected, and even more so, used in a salsa when just about ripe...tart, tangy and firm, with a good zing.

The earliest tomatoes were Sungold cherry, Super Eary Latah and Mexico Midget. The latter's name applies to the size of the tomato (think blueberry)...not to the size of the plant which has climbed to about ten feet. A real plus, according to the Chief, is their dainty size fruit which continue to ripen even at the lower branches. He checks regularly for red ones.... just the right size to pick off and eat.
Finally, having four days of sunshine in a row, the deck got stained. Thank heaven! I was beginning to despair of it ever getting finished; just a light driftwood grey, but it makes all the difference. Now we can get the furniture back on, and have our 'last of the summer' meals outdoors.
The mosquitoes have been a bit fierce though...you know, those big ones with the striped legs that come from the sea grass along the water...but a few cold nights should knock them back. In the meantime, the Captain has been taking care of us ladies when we go out on the picnic boat.
"Cheers to the Captain"...pats to the Chief!


  1. What a sweet funny dog eating tomatoes off the vine. I wouldn't have believed it without seeing it. I have been lamenting my tomatoes this season. Blight hit the Bonny Best I planted and none of the tomatoes want to ripen. Only in the last day or two have I seen a tinge of red. I'll be looking at your lists of good growing tomatoes when I order seed for next year.

  2. OSU Blue, Oooh! They look great. What a cornucopia of tomatoes you have grown. (I've had to settle for the Sungold alone.) Isn't nice to celebrate the turn of the season - with a bit of varnishing!

  3. So glad you are back!!
    Missed you.


  4. I absolutely love the harvest shot of the tomatoes with all the nasturtiums in the background. It is a wonderful picture and gosh, what an impressive assortment of tomatoes you have! What good eating it must be to try them all!
    I never would have thought that a dog would eat a tomato, that is until I caught my oldest dog sneaking a tomato that had fallen to the ground. Unfortunately, Buddy does not seem to use the careful selection process that your dog employs. Buddy's choice was a little chewed up by slugs.

  5. Oh my, your deck looks so pretty! Glad it's done so you can enjoy it a bit longer before the cool weather hits. We've had a couple nights with frost warnings, but lows for the next few nights are going in the 50's. I'm bummed to hear the Chocolates didn't ripen well. Hope you try them again next year, as you know, they are of great interest to me! ;-) But your basket tomatoes certainly looks yummy! I love the pictures of Chief picking a tomato for himself. Such a handsome dog! Also, nice to see you and the Captain are finding some boating/wine time!!

  6. Hello again, Brenda :-)

    I too love that first harvest bounty shot - so rich in every way :-)

    Your deck is looking good and I know what you mean about 'last of the summer meals' outside. We could be passed that stage now. Our table is covered and I am planning moving it to a spot more sheltered for the winter. Lol... the minute I do that of course we'll get some sunny days... win, win all round then :-D

    Enjoy the rest of your summer... looks like the Chief is helping you celebrate these fine days you get :-D

  7. I am envious of your tomato harvest! It's beautiful. And Chief is adorable. :)