Sunday, September 18, 2011

Open Farm Day!

Farm view from the bay

Bay view from the farm
For quite a few years now, we've passed a local farm, when out in our picnic boat. It's at the end of a dead end road so unless you were visiting the farm, you wouldn't get a chance to see it, except from the water. I didn't realize it was a productive farm until a few years ago, when I could hear roosters and peacocks calling from across the voices that would creep into my subconscious in the dawn hours loosening memories of our past farm life. Sometimes, when motoring by, sheep hugged the slope, and more recently, a big beautiful work horse has appeared.
Near the top, sits a small Gothic roofed children's play house; behind the trees you can just make out the old white farm house. Sometimes, when we would go by, a man would be sitting under the apple tree near the shore, and we would wave, happy to see him, a picture of contentment returning his pleasure with a wave back.
Then, a few days ago, a sign was posted beside the road ..."Open Farm Day" your farmer!  Now, I know, not everyone enjoys visiting a working farm, cause there are a few ick factors involved...poo for instance (flip flops not encouraged))). But if you really want to experience where your food comes from or in this instance, view show quality birds with names like Columbian, Barred, Patridge and White Rocks; Black Breasted, White and Silver Phoenix; Silver Spangled Hamburgs; Buff Brahma Bantams; Khaki Campbells and Rouen, East Indies and Pekin Ducks... then Circle Pond Farm was the place to be today!
A Beautiful Silver Laced Wyandotte in foreground
 I have never been on a farm where breeding of Purebred Heritage Poultry, Turkeys, Pheasants, Ducks and Guinea fowl provided farm income...this was clearly a labour of love.
Geese waltzed around acting like they owned the place
The Emus were everyone's favorite
One Emu sported a red and blue a heritage breed. Seems he or she couldn't keep out of the way when 'someone' was painting outside! Funny birds...they liked to be petted, seemed so domesticated, happy and carefree. Certainly, like the geese, they had the run of the place, much to our pleasure.

The intent of the Open Farm, and "meet your farmer" initiative, is certainly to introduce and make his or her acquaintance but what stood out for me, were the children. They were everywhere, encouraged by their parents, engaged by the animals, delighting in the whole experience. Games were played, hot dogs and burgers served, history lessons on various heritage poultry craftily taught, and a 4 H petting zoo was certainly a highlight.

So...which breed was Benjamin Franklin's choice as the United States National Bird?......first question on the Chicken Challenge..

And NOW....for the Answer!!!

As the sign says..and I can attest to this...yes...we can hear the turkeys a mile away..and the roosters, and the Peacocks and the Guinea Fowl..but you know...I'm good with that. The pleasure is all mine.


  1. I so envy the landscape were you live. I know the grass is always grener and all that, but it looks so fresh; I can almost smell the clean air.

    Been busy on the book recently (deadline end of November) so negelecting the blog a little. Back properly in December

  2. Oh Bren, what a lovely post.. I feel like I was there with you. And, I wish I was! Glad you took advantage of Meet Your Farmer! Such a wonderful event.. And you've fanned the chicken flame that's been smouldering inside me.. I want chickens!! :)

  3. Brenda, this looks like such fun! What a great post! How wonderful that you included a pic from both the farm and the water. I would love to visit Circle Pond Farms!! I visited their website and it certainly looks like a wonderful farm. I love the Emus!! And, turkeys are one my favorites! We have a "late" family of turkey's who have been visiting our yard every evening. I hope Andy can get some pictures of them for our blog. Oh, I can't forget to mention the handsome horse .... what a beauty!!

  4. What a great day out. So important for city folk to see what a real farm consists of. Seems less and less people have the chance to see one these days. That black and white chicken is stunning.

  5. What a great open day! and such a beautiful chicken! love it!

  6. Wild Turkeys are beautiful, and smart ~ I used to see them on the farm where I learned to ride as a kid, and when we lived in Pennsylvania. How grand that you got to visit this wonderful farm!

  7. What a neat and rare opportunity for you and all the kids. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a great opportunity to see a working farm and get a better idea of what farming is like these days. I would have loved seeing all the animals and birds. (I love your picture of the geese.)