Sunday, March 25, 2012

Greening Up

When I last posted, the bed inside the fence had just been cleared off, ready for planting seeds. The weather really cooperated and in fact, we had two record breaking days of 28 Celsius here in Nova Scotia. If I had put the seeds in the bed, covered it with the plastic and gone on holiday as I did the first year I experimented with extending the season, the new shoots would have been fried. As it was, the cover had to be removed on those hot days and the bed kept moist but diligence paid off. Most of the seeds have germinated, except for the beets and carrots.

The cover still goes back on every night as we dip to zero, and remains on if the day is particularly chilly. I open the ends of the tunnel though, for air circulation because it is amazing how hot it can get under there on a sunny but cold day. I have the luxury of being retired and generally at home to attend to weather fluctuations however, if I couldn't be here, and the seeds had germinated, the ends would stay open all day anyway assuming Mr. Weatherman advised a fair weather day.

Generally, there is little watering to be done as the plastic acts a bit like a terrarium, circulating the moisture. But, not the last many warm days. I have had to water but wait until about two, when it is warm and the sun full overhead in the garden. I notice my watermelon radish have all germinated, so hopefully, it is cool enough for them to form their radish, which are green on the outside, a little rim of white inside and pink inside that!

Because of those two days of heat, the greens in the cold framed raised bed took off! My goodness, it was shocking to see the growth, especially the spinach. The new seeds of Virofly Spinach also germinated and you can see below, the new growth next to the spinach I planted last fall as well as the lettuce both overwintered under the cold frame.

I expect you can tell where this is going...yup...right onto the plate, along with some scallion cuttings, mizuna, arugula, red mustard and garlic greens!

Yummy and Good for you!


  1. What a fab haul :)

    It's hot over here too - the weather forecaster said the temperature record for March could be broken today...

  2. Looks good. I set up a hoop house this past month for the first time. Within a few weeks it got so warm here that we didn't need it. I haven't broken it down just yet though. Maybe in a few more weeks.

  3. Your garden is a wonder. Fresh salads already! Unfortunately I have discovered this past week that my garden area, although sunny in summer, doesn't like warming up too quick in spring. It's one of the last places on our property to still have snow! So I've put a tarp over one of the raised beds in hopes that I can get it to unthaw a bit and hopefully in the next couple weeks I can start some greens of my own.

  4. I'm really surprised at your warm spring temperatures, I always believed that Spring came late in your part of the world. It's unseasonable warm and sunny over here in northern England with temperatures 10 degrees centigrade above the normal for this time of year.

  5. It seems to be above normal warm weather everywhere! We have seen 70 and above for almost a month now!

  6. It was so warm here last week, now last night and tonight temps are below freezing. Lots of up and down! Your plate of greens sure does look yummy!

  7. There is nothing better than being able to pick your own fresh salad crop rather than those sweaty bags of old leaves that have been sprayed with who knows what!
    I look forward to following your gardening escapades.
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. Yummy indeed! I wonder if my rabbits could get under a hoop like yours . . . to have fresh greens (I get mine from local farmers who grow them like you) just picked to eat (instead of sitting in bags in the refrigerator) would be like the old days here for me . . . before rabbits took over the place. Happy Spring Greens to you Bren! Thank you for your generous comment! ;.)

  9. Your garden looks very productive. Great post!

  10. Thanks for the note and stopping by my blog! I'm loving your tunnel! I still need to get my covered and started, but it is inspiring to see one "in action".