Friday, July 1, 2011

White Surprise

Foxglove with pink poppies in background
The garden seemed to be dominated with purple tones the last few days...hurt your eyes blue from Salvias, Geranium and Baptisia.... But it's funny how a walk around makes you take stock and appreciate new blooms gone unnoticed. I realized in fact, the whites had center stage..not the purples or blues.

First Peony
Peonies were corrupted by blight this rainy year, so, finding this bloom today (following my nose in fact) was heartening. The scent always reminds me of my first funeral...sad and difficult. They were held at home in those days...not at a proper 'funeral home' but in our home's front parlor. A black wreath hung at the entry so those in the neighborhood would know...the loss. Peonies, the scent of living and leaving.

Five years ago, our Yucca bloomed..just that once in ten..and this looks to be the second coming. Am thrilled about that! Doesn't the bud look striking! The ants can't leave it alone though! Bad year for ants (

The most exciting of the Whites displaying....(we waited eleven years for our few scattering of blooms last year), is Wisteria 'Alba Longissima'....  In late winter, we did a big chop...rewarded as you can see below. They hang heavy and fragrant; ...magical!

Wisteria floribunda 'Longissima Alba'
Best news though...robins have nested among the blooms ...stand by for baby photos soon!!!


  1. The wisteria is very impressive... you're in zone 5? Hmmm, if so, maybe I should try it again! Larry

  2. Hi Bren, I have memories that have attached themselves to certain flowers as well. For instance, I can't look at a poppy without thinking about my mother. I look forward to seeing the yucca in bloom. The wisteria is beautiful!!!

  3. Wow Brenda, your photo's are all so beautiful! I love the wisteria ... it is such a flowing beauty ... it makes me think of a "free spirit!"

    Interesting for me to hear of the black wreaths hung on the door signaling a loss in the family. I did not know that.

    It will be fun to see the baby robin pictures. I am amazed how fast they grow and leave the nest! I'm glad I got to hang around my home at bit longer than they do!!! ;-)

    Love the cake!! Did you make it? It looks yummy!!


  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Canada Bren! Lovely post of white blooms . . . beautiful. It has been a good year for ants here too! They are all over the milkweed. I wish we could go back to having our departed at home . . . it seems more intimate and natural. Everything becomes a business. Your wisteria was worth the wait! Wow!

  5. I absolutely love white blooms. and a white peony! be still my heart. I'm having a love affair with peonies. Never grown them before but we have four bushes at this house. The rain hasn't seemed to affect them but the slugs have demolished the vegetable garden. *sigh*

  6. The white peony and wisteria are just delicate and magical - I'd feel like I was in fairyland.

  7. I have come down with a dreadful attack of wisteria envy,Brenda. The second picture did me in.I may never recover.I am going out to give my old purple non bloomer a good talking to. I may even threaten it.


  8. Striking, Bren. Absolutely striking. Hope your (green) thumb is insured . . . ;->

    Thank you for sharing your incredible passion and talent!

  9. The white wisteria is magically lovely. The white foxglove looks wonderful with the pink poppies.

  10. Hello again, Brenda! Great blooms here. Ah… I’m a fan of white blooms too. I didn’t know about Peonies and funerals. I guess over here white lilies are associated with funerals although are very popular in modern houses too.

    Thrilled for you that your wisteria has flowered so well! It looks great. We’ve had a bad couple of years of blooms having had two very cold winters (for Scotland & UK) and our wisteria has shown only a few very weak blooms. Guess, I’ve no choice but to try a good chop now but with possible die back from another cold winter I’m a tad nervous.

    Baby pics… can’t wait :-D

  11. all heavenly - especially the peonies! Mine got the damned blight - this would've been their first blooming year but alas alack they were struck down before they even got going! So much life and death in the garden!
    Once again stoooooopid computer won't let me access my acount so this is Jan at

  12. I love the white blooms...I've never had much luck with peonies...only have one in my garden that survived. Your photos are lovely.