Friday, July 15, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Who doesn't love Poppies! They alone, decide where to grow, often in surprisingly perfect places...."oh won't that lime green lettuce (Black Seeded Simpson) look great at my feet" I could almost hear this one say....and indeed it did! Their shades of pink to red blend in the garden tapestry; early morning light helps them shimmer and glow.

We've been's coming! The beds are edged and refreshed, tidied up for Saturday when the Mt. Denson Garden Club will visit. This was my very first garden club, joined when we moved back to Nova Scotia many years ago. Members used to meet in the old school house... you know the type, with a wood or oil stove sitting right in the classroom, simple beadboard on the walls, hardwood floors and chalk boards. I fondly remember one senior gentleman who announced on herb night "you can freeze parsley; just put it in a baggie flat in the freezer and break off what you need, when you need it". What a revelation for a gardener like myself, who really didn't know a lot about herbs twenty years ago. One could say, I put down roots in that garden club and I am so pleased they asked to visit.

Some of the blooms I hope the members will enjoy are the sweet peas, just coming on. This year, they were grown in large planters down near the shed and seem to like the warm protection. There's Yarrow as well, with it's umbels of deep rosy pink, attracting beneficials to the garden. Robin Hood Rose is finally starting to come into it's own.
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There's just the front bed to tidy today. If the rain doesn't stop, well ..... the back deck isn't going to get stained and that's just going to have to be the way it is for now. It's hard to believe we haven't had four continuous days of sun since spring began and the deck was finished.


  1. Good luck with your garden visitors you'll have a great day.

  2. Your garden looks fantastic as always! Larry

  3. I love poppies! I have fond childhood memories of my neighbor (who was a Grandma to me) showing me how to open the seed pod of a poppy.... I was amazed!! :-)
    Your garden looks great, your visitors are lucky to have a chance to see it up close!! Hope you have a great day!

  4. Bren, Your poppy reminds me of a fun party skirt or dress with lots of layers flying in the wind. Wonderful portrait! I'd love to join your club and stroll around your beautiful garden. Those sweet peas look lovely.

  5. I liked the white moth on the cerise flowers (is that the Yarrow?) - we forget sometimes that flowers don't bloom for us.

    In Wales the lanes have been filled with wild flowers but it they are just going over now.

  6. Your garden looks beautiful for the garden club visit. I'm sure those brilliant poppies will put on a great show. Lets hope for sunny weather.... our boats are sitting idle along the river. Good luck on your tour! :)

  7. Your potager looks enchanting!

  8. Hi Bren, I was talking to my Mum on the phone just the other night and she was complaining that it has been cold there (Dartmouth). It is hard to relate because it is unpleasantly hot here.Your opening shot is very nicely done. What a pretty poppy! I so admire the layout of your garden every time you show it. I have planted sweet peas as well. I am just praying the rabbits don't get them. I hope you have a great visit with the garden club members.

  9. Brenda we so enjoyed seeing you again! We had a marvelous time. What an inspiration in determination on what you wanted for a retreat. Simply beautiful
    Has given myself a few ideas to work on in the coming monthts. My lilies are coming on now and on Sunday we will be having a pot luck at Rose Maries (in Hantsport) then over to my place in Falmouth . Incase you are in the area we would love to have you join us.
    I will be sharing the photos on FB I know Jodi DeLong wants to see the photos as well as others.
    Thank you again
    Tracey Martin President : Mt Denson GC

  10. No four days of continuous sun? That sounds horrible but when I think on it, I believe you're right. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your garden guests receive sun during their visit.

  11. Gardeners won't notice the porch needs staining...only the flowers that may need staking! Your garden looks absolutely lovely - which is quite a feat on film; good luck with the weather and I will pray for the rain to least until the visitors are gone! Thanks Bren, for visiting my blog and your sweet comment about The Empty Nest...My eyes are peeled for the baby who may still be flying around these parts! Enjoy your day!

  12. We love poppies and the fact that you share your gardening expertise! Thanks, Bren!