Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Greetings!

Winter Greetings! Can one be upbeat about winter? When you live in Nova Scotia, on Canada's east coast, you just put up with winter, embrace it in question. We always hope it won't last too long and as a gardener, really hope severe weather systems miss us and the plot doesn't suffer too much.

Sometimes, we have such beautiful snow days, with gorgeous sun and blue shadows, it makes you all melty (see, positive thoughts..melt snow melt!). Today was the first time in ages I wore a light fleece jacket; sunshine warmed my cheeks and lady bugs hatched in the summerhouse....yes they did!!

The snow has climbed almost to the top of the pickets and when you compare with the photo below, you can appreciate how much snow is out there.

The soil in the cold frame covered raised bed below (yes it is raised))), registered fifty degrees F today and the greens are still alive inside.

Looking out to the Atlantic on the drive home, I was thinking....a full four season environment is just fine by me. Sure it isn't always peaceful, but when it is..and when you stop to absorb the beauty, listen to the cracking of the ice, feel the heat of the sun on your's Bliss.


  1. I am guilty of bemoaning winter, but if I lived somewhere that was always warm like southern California, I am sure I would really miss winter.
    I also looked back at your Chelsea Flower show pictures. Wow! The display of lupins and delphinium are simply amazing. I have always wanted to go. Maybe one of these years...

  2. Your garden looks so charming both in summer and winter. I love the view out to the Atlantic!

  3. Being a snow lover, I really enjoyed these winter pictures. Your yard looks so pretty! Your winter/summer picture is fun to see .... both beautiful! I agree with you ... a four season climate works just fine for me too!

  4. I am trying oh so hard to be upbeat about winter. I was good for awhile but now that the snow is piling up I'm getting a bit antsy. My compost bin has all but disappeared this week - how much higher can it go?

  5. Lovely photos Brenda! I love the summer and winter shot of the garden - so striking!! Also, the cold frame looks so good - I have some seed for you to plant in it too! :)

    Thanks for the winter thoughts..

  6. Great photos Brenda! This morning it was so cold on the water, but I thought "this is the real Maritimes", wild and fresh! This afternoon it felt like Spring in contrast. Your garden looks wonderful! Susan :)

  7. I am wondering if you or your readers might recommend books about gardening since this time of year especially lends itself to that most enjoyable activity. I don't mean how-to books, more of a gardener's experiences in their own gardens. I enjoy Tottering in the Garden, This Organic Life,Des Kennedy's books,People with Dirty Hands, and Ruth Stout's books. Are there more?

  8. Thanks for kindly commenting on the blog. It means a great deal to get feed back and encouragement. Very grateful.

    Jennifer..thank you for your kind comments re the photos..I do hope you get to Chelsea. I never thought I would but, it finally happened.

    Sweetbay..the Atlantic view is always changing but thought this one was so blue blue I wanted to share it. Pleased that you liked it. Thank you for your very thoughtful comments.

    Michele, although we are both snowbound, it won't last too much longer))). Fingers crossed that is.

    Niki, look forward to receiving the seeds..yippeee...and thought you might like the comparison shot of the garden))considering))))

    Susan, thanks for your kind words and you are really was and is, feeling like winter but those sunny afternoons make you realize spring is not far away. Thank you.

    Garden are a reader after my own heart and I have read most of the books you mention. I like books that tell the human side of a garden's story, getting through a year or how one started gardening etc. I think Tottering in my Garden was one of the first books of that type I read. Hope you get a response to this from others but for that type of book I would add...

    The Garden Letters by Elspeth Bradbury and Judy Maddocks
    The Gardening Series by Michael Pollan which includes "American Gardener" by William Cobbett, "The Gardeners Bed-Book" by Richardson Wright, "We Made a Garden" by Margery Fish, "My Summer in a Garden" by Charles Dudley Warner..and a number of others. These I cherish and collect. For a good laugh out loud, try "The $64.00 Tomato" by William Alexander and for a story of Despair and Redemption as the book advertises, "The Jewel Garden" by Monty and Sarah Don.

  9. Yikes! I guess we're not the only ones will lots of snow. It sounds like you're not minding it all that much though.

    P.S. I love the last picture.

  10. I looked on the HRM library site and they have none of the Modern Garden Series edited by Mishael Pollan- too bad.....any chance of you doing a blog entry on that type of book? I will put some of your suggestions on my wish list. Thanks!

  11. Thank you Thomas...I am "trying" not to mind it)))). Pleased you liked the last photo.

    Garden Girl (can't seem to get to your blog)...well I really enjoyed looking at the HRM library site, thanks for directing. Found only one of the series there which is "The Gardener's Bed-Book" so if you order that from the library, it will give you a feel for the others in the collection. I will certainly consider doing a blog entry on that kind of book))) thank you. In the meantime, I looked at others I have and you might search for these..."Garden Open Today" Beverley Nichols, "More Papers from the Potting Shed" and "The Transplanted Gardener" both by Charles Elliott and "Beds I Have Known" by Martha Smith. There are great books by Anny Scoones, Canadian and living in B.C., one being "Home" tales of a heritage farm and then there is "The 3000 Mile Garden by Leslie Land and Roger Phillips" which was also on television. I enjoyed all of these.

  12. Dear Brenda, You are so right! What a beautiful garden you have . . . I love the snow and blooms. You must work hard to remove all the snow from you coldframe! I am with you when you mention listening to the cracking ice. That is very special as is the setting you show us here. Lovely! We are having warmer days and the snow is melting. I hope you are getting some warmer temps too.

  13. I just moved here and am already spoiled. Winters in NWO usually last around 6 months and here it's only been on since January. But still I want it over already so I can start gardening!

  14. These are great shots. Really fun to see the seasons. Nice job and thanks for sharing.