Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bold and Brilliant

Even a small garden like the beauty shown above can be Bold and Brilliant. If I had another garden in me, I would aspire to this ideal..."Bold Brilliant and Modern". When Thomas Hobbs came out with his book "Shocking Beauty" a few years back...I wanted his garden.....I wanted maroon, black, bronze, magenta and hurt your eyes blue with bright and deep gold, lime, acid green.... saucy orange to make it pop.  But, my style had been softer, it was what I knew then and it was comfortable. Wouldn't you think, our bed below would look even better with some bright burgundy foliage to add contrast...It's just a bit boring the way it is!

Which brings me to Sarah Raven and "The Bold and Brilliant Garden" . To get free shipping when I ordered her "Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook", I added the Bold Garden to the list.....blush...I've been a big fan of SR for a while now as you might know from following  this blog. Both books so enthused excited my kitchen and garden head is full of hot pairings; my taste buds and creative juices are anticipating spring!  But...where had I first encountered this exciting garden color scheme....mmmmm

Stuck in a winter storm here on the east coast today, I brought up old photos from 2005 when we visited RHS Chelsea Flower show with Cousin Ted. This was the year Nova Scotia had an entry..yes..from Chester, Nova Scotia...and they were awarded a bronze. Oh ya! a proud!

That same year, Australia won Gold for a very modern and minimalist garden. A tranquil setting, bold and brilliant and so immediately drawn to it, my shoulders relaxed; I wanted nothing more than to lie in the orange lounger))).

Outside, the snow continues to drift down softly and slowly...little snow big snow as we say in the Maritimes. Inside, I'm thinking maroon, magenta, bronze, black and hurt your eyes blue with bright and deep gold, lime, acid green, saucy orange to make it pop. Well, do I have another garden bed makeover left in me..I ask myself...

........maybe a renovation will do....


  1. What lovely inspiration on such a wintery day! I remember the Chester entry in 2005 as well.. I had just met Logie and his wife Anne and was so impressed with their enthusiasm about their new business - The Chester Gardener. Lucky you going to Chelsea! I'm very jealous! :)

  2. When I was reading that list of colours my head began to hurt - black, magenta and orange? but the photo is so lovely with those dark reds, bright greens and pink chair. You may have just inspired me for the new beds I'm planning!

  3. The Bold and Brilliant Garden is an excellent book; you might also enjoy 'Color for Adventurous Gardeners' by Christopher Lloyd. As for Thomas Hobbes--I like his garden colour, etc, but I found him highly annoying when he wrote for Gardening Life, the sort of insufferable gardener who looks down at others. I have two of his books but am not really a fan. My theory is as long as your garden gives you joy, it's a thing of beauty.