Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Going Squirrelly!

Yes, the little critters are running around like crazy trying to build some nice comfy nests to make more little critters. We let them be of course,..after all we are pretty well surrounded by trees, and the squirrels were here before us. They provide many laughing moments, and so thought I would share these two photos from today. The Yucca is one of the few plants we protect from winter snow, and it pays off usually with it's lovely blooms. However, the wrapping is pretty well done for after a few years of squirrel ravaging. It's nesting time for all our garden friends))).


  1. These pictures are really cute!

  2. Ah, the helpful little squirrels. Because we still have two (senior) cats who go outdoors, squirrels aren't a problem here. They visit, see the cats, and move right along. The donkey keeps the deer at bay--so far.

  3. You're so tolerant of your squirrels. I've lost patience with them. I've been seeing 6 of them chasing each other around the garden in the mornings.