Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Building on the Tomato Vision

Well, ..the two beds are built, ready and waiting for soil. The cost was about sixty dollars each but they should last for a good few years. We plan to staple screen on the inside along the bottom to keep soil from seeping out, as well as line the raised beds with either landscape fabric or plastic. The floor of the beds will be thickly layered with newspaper; the grass beneath should rot away. I have Sarah Raven's Chilli Jam recipe at the ready and Mrs. Rama Charkavarty's Tomato Chutney recipe from Madhur Jaffrey's "Taste of India". Oh, can't you just smell those sweet, luscious tomatoes,.. ginger, garlic and chillies.. their fragrance filling the kitchen! Hope springs eternal!!!


  1. Your raised beds are beautiful. Too pretty to get dirty!! I just found your blog. This will be fun. Sue

  2. WOW..They look great. This is what Brian needs to do in Mira. He talks all the time about starting a new vegetable garden but the grounds are just not suitable. He use to do what you and dad always said not to do "put a $10.00 plant in a $2.00 dollar hole". I'll be showing him these pictures for sure..Have a great day sis