Monday, February 6, 2017

A New Year

Do you get that thrill? The clock trips over, a New Year begins and within a day, you are planning your garden. Seed catalogues splayed out on the table, while visions of primroses, daffodils and tulips are dancing in your head. Peas, lettuce greens, broad beans slipped from their pods.... pumpkins, potatoes and tomatoes. Positive thoughts bubble and rise to the surface, when they could just as easily burst thinking of the fence pickets that need 'doin' or the raised bed that's half rotten. The clean up in spring is sure to set your wrists back a month if you aren't careful. No, we won't think of that as I sit with my dear catalogues, stars in my eyes.
Did I tell you about the seed order I put in to Johnny's Seeds in Maine last year? Well, with the sinking Canadian dollar, and Johnny's being in the United States, the exchange rate snuck up on me unexpectedly. I wasn't thinking!! Then Canada customs got in on the act putting a $30.00 duty on the shipment. I could not justify the added expense, and so the order was returned. Johnny's were so good about kind. If I order this year, it will be below the customs penalty duty. Seeds, I always thought, were part of our free trade agreement but, I guess not. Best to buy local! Annapolis Seeds have always been super so maybe this year will put my order there and buy local.

So what are the highlights of your seed orders this year? I read recently that we might keep in mind when we order seeds, three things. Order what has always worked for you and grow that because you know you will succeed with it. Order something new, something that will inspire you and make you excited to watch it grow and perhaps in a while it will turn out to be something you can't possibly go without growing. Thirdly, grow something fun, or do something fun with your seeds. Plant a garden with your children or grandchildren, or maybe a fairy garden by your back door for little visitors.
Looking back through photos, reminds me what worked and what didn't. You forget, you having a blog or having photos to rely on, jogs the memory. I won't be without a sprouting broccoli this year called Piracicaba Broccoli. Not only did the bees love the blooms, and it grew to an enormous height, but, it kept sending out little florets all summer and fall, always tender, always delicious. That was my 'new' for 2016 , an unexpected gift of transplants from a garden friend. My 'new' this year...well I am not sure yet what that will be. But I will be sure to let you know dear readers. Spring is just..only just, around the corner.


  1. I do find a bank of photos really useful for reminding me of how things were in previous years. We often think things are early or late just to find when we look at the photographs that they are performing at exactly the same time. All our seeds have arrived now so We are waiting for the weather to improve before we start sowing. The duty on the seeds from the US to you it's astronomical isn't it?

  2. Garden planning...or great fun. We're at present in New Zealand until the beginning of May, so we'll have to "hit the ground running" in the garden!!

  3. It is good to dream of the coming season when it is too cold to do anything outside. I am currently running a campaign to encourage the public to buy local. We are having a seed swap this weekend and I am hoping to attend. Sarah x

  4. I'm in Hawaii and saw huge racks of Botanical Interests seeds somewhere. I thought I would remember where. I will get there again eventually and pick some up. They no longer ship to Canada, but I cannot get over their amazing artwork. So I will grab some while I have the opportunity.

    Sorry you didn't get your seed order. That must be really frustrating. 😩