Monday, September 14, 2015

Busy Summer

If you are still out there friends and fellow bloggers, and I do sincerely hope you are, thank you for sticking with me over the summer break! It's been a great harvest season so far and more to come. My high-five cherry tomato this year has to be a variety called 'Jasper'. Sweet candy in clusters; we're still picking. It's a sprawler, so if you try this next year, be aware of that. But it is highly resistant to blight being an AAS winner and so far, so good!

Don't think I gave an update on the animal watering trough we filled with soil and planted with tomatoes, nasturtium and chard. It has done very very well and it looks pretty awesome in the front yard when you drive up. Would be a perfect solution for anyone physically challenged as in reality, it is simply a raised bed. Chief finds it very accessible as well and you know he loves his cherry tomatoes ;-)

The trough is not totally full of compost and has a drain hole to one side at the bottom which has worked well to keep the plants from being waterlogged. Yes it sprouted some weeds but they were soon covered over by the rapid growth which from first photo to second was only five weeks.

Most years, I am on top of garden weeding and harvesting, but the winds have changed in my life and there is too much to be done and hard to keep up. I no longer stress as before, and take more time to enjoy the fruits of our labour....and heh, if we don't get everything eaten or processed, it makes compost.

Off to my neighbours to get a load of dry seaweed and pine needles for the garden paths which are getting too compressed. As a senior gardener, I imagine I am looking towards more raised beds in my future but until then, it's carry on as usual. But remember to stop and smell the roses! Here's Vavoom in all her sweet scented glory.


  1. I like that trough...and the results!

  2. I love your trough. It looks amazing. It is so good to see you back. I hope you have a wonderful gardening summer.

  3. Hi Bren, I'm still here... The trough is great, but the basket of tomatoes is better!

  4. I'm still here too. Cherry tomatoes are wonderful aren't they? I wonder whether we can get that b light resistant over here I will have to look out for it.

  5. I can't believe that there are only 5 weeks between the first trough picture and the second. That's amazing growth! Don't your cherry tomatoes look so pretty in the basket. They sound delicious too.
    I see that you were included among the 36 gardens in Garden Making. Congratulations! Your garden is wonderful, so I'm not at all surprised.
    I have found the garden a bit much this year too. My own fault for making it so big. I need to get a better handle on the pathways. Weeds pop up everywhere in the gravel. Interesting to read that your paths are pine needles and seaweed.

    1. Jennifer I had to check my photo dates more than once to be sure about the five weeks. Shows what healthy plants and good compost with mother nature's blessings can do. Also, thank you for your kind congratulations re the Garden Making magazine. It was an honor!

      I have been enjoying your photos and blog but especially the update on your path woes. I did put seaweed and needles on a path inside the gated garden, and I must say, it looks nice. Still more to do, but also, my paths are only for two feet one in front of the other ;-) Look forward to your updates.