Monday, July 23, 2012

Zucchini Time!

You know, we don't eat a lot of zucchini in our family so why grow more than one plant? Well, often it's better to plant three seeds in case two don't germinate; or, a few volunteers appear early in spring, filling in the garden, looking lush and healthy. If you are like me, you can't pull them out! Before you know it, July arrives; friends and family are hiding because they do not want any more of your blessed zucchini and Aunt Gina's zucchini chocolate cake starts sticking in your throat. You've made enough curry zucchini soup for the winter, and yes, you've been told there's a variety that has a nutty flavor but it grows football size too!!! Well hide no more because, there's a great zucchini out there for you and for me.

The above blooms are "Cucurbita pepo" Baby Round Zucchini (Summer Squash). In France it is known as Ronde de Nice. Love how that rolls off the tongue! "The unique flower attachment is perfect for edible flower use", so says seed company Botanical Interests, but for my table, we just love this little round golf ball size vegetable picked fresh from the garden.
Here's the good news, it won't grow to basketball size! Yeah! I've noticed if I miss picking one, it starts to yellow and then falls off or I pull it off. Now is that not truly monsters under the leaves, and a perfectly beautiful civilized size for a salad, steaming or baking. I prefer these raw, the taste delicate and crunchy. You probably won't find these Heirlooms in the grocery store, as they bruise easily and don't transport well, but heh, anyone can grow zucchini..right!! Give these a try.

I am saving...almost, the best for last. This plant looks fantastic in the garden. Mine (yes I grew two)))), are directly opposite the garden gate so they are the first plants your eyes alight on...mostly because of it's architecture. The leaves are deeply lobed, silvery green, almost sage like in color. In fact they match the new stain on the back bean wall....not planned, honest!! They would be fantastic in a planter come to think of it.


  1. Sounds perfect Bren. We have seriously overdone the courgette/zucchinis this year - we didn't expect them all to survive and guess what ...? Ones that don't grow huge sound to be just the ticket!

  2. Brenda that has to be the nicest picture of zucchini blossoms I've ever seen. Have you ever stuffed and eaten the blossoms?

    1. Thank you Erin. No, I have never stuffed or eaten the blossoms but sure would like to try that. These blossoms are really big for such a small zuk.

  3. Your introduction on the subject of zucchinis was so accurate, it was very funny. I was so impressed that I have already hunted down and bookmarked your seed source! I am the only one in the family who likes zucchini and so this variety sounds perfect.

  4. Thank you Jennifer ;-) Just don't let the dogs know about them.... perfect for playing bally.

  5. Love that foliage, it almost looks like it has been hand cut and the variegation is wonderful.

  6. Brenda thanks for the tip on garlic. Dug mine this morning before the rain. Not a split in any of them. I'll send you a photo of the drying rack Duff made for the bulbs. Always enjoy your blog,content and photos.


  7. Such a beautiful pic of the yellow blossom!! I really like zucchini, one of my favorite recipes is breaded, baked zucchini coins ... yum!