Friday, December 23, 2011

"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!"

We're having a "White Christmas"! What a surprise waking up this morning to a blanket of snow, from the rooftops to the treetops, flakes gently falling, silence all around, "The Peace of Christmas Time". Crows watching, watching...where are the seeds, please...

Berries and rose hips are long gone here now except for Holly; greens no longer bright under a grey sky; rhododendron leaves curled up tight against the cold. Tromping through the garden, we shook off the heavy burden bearing weight on branches. Weather like this can ice up so quickly to just have a walk about and give a gentle shake to those needing relief.

Inside, the tree is decorated, standing tall, sparkling. Peace, Believe, Hallelujah, Joy.. pure white words communicate what Christmas ideally means to me, angels, churches, dragonflies, reindeer, icicles and more.

Then...there are gifts...blogger gifts, unexpected. Friendships softly blooming as years unfold, thoughtful ..ever so thoughtful.

What a wonderful year it's been...  The mail also brought a book from another blogger (thanks MC) and in another envelope, a cheque..yes, a proper cheque for two photos used in a book. Can you imagine that...well not me, not two years ago, not before I started blogging...not before I met so many like minded and inspiring gardeners, writers, chefs, crafts people, artists, ...the list..I could go on. Thank YOU.

Blogging gives the whole world a voice. Isn't that the most incredible gift.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Lovely words, Bren. Very evocative of the Christmas spirit. What you say about blogging is so true too; it has given my life a whole new dimension.

    Your snowy scene photo looks just like a traditional Christmas card. Here in the UK I don't think we'll have a white Christmas - looks as if it will be wet and windy.

    All the Best; Mark

  2. No white Christmas for us, Christmas Day as to be 12c in fact our first snowdrops have almost opened.
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. It is that! And wasn't it a treat to see the snow? Thanks for being part of my blogging life and I look forward to seeing you again in the new year...

  4. What a lovely post Brenda. Your words are so true to the meaning and spirit of Christmas.

    Your backyard looks just like a peaceful Christmas card! Wow ... what a wonderful surprise snow you received and great photography skills in capturing it. We did get just a few inches of snow ... so at least we will have a white Christmas. You indoor tree is beautiful too! And, of course, the last picture made me smile!!!

    Thank you for your friendship, and for sharing your life through blogging. I totally agree with you about blogging ... "who would have thought??"

    May your family have a warm and peaceful Holiday and we wish you the very best for 2011!

    Hugs, Michele

  5. When I woke up hubby asked, is that a snowplow I hear, oh no says I, just a gravel truck, thick frost the roads must be icy. ha ha. It hasn't stopped snowing since. Love your tree, very beautiful I had to search for the dragonfly. Merry Christmas to you Brenda and best wishes in the new year.

  6. Merry Christmas Bren! How magical! Enjoy the snow (we have none here) and have a lovely holiday. Peace/Carol

  7. Oh Jane would be so envious of your snow.

    Been away a while but normal service resumed in New Year. Thanks for being such a faithful follower this year - hope you have a wonderful holiday and new year brings you joy.


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  9. We're having some really mild weather at the moment - certainly no snow! It's amazing how blogging can develop - This year I sold some of my images to be used as Christmas cards!

  10. That first photo truly is a winter wonderland. Amazing and perfect. A very merry holiday season to you, Gardeningbren.

    (I just updated the tofu post for clarity. Please take a look, and do contact me by email if you have more questions.)

  11. Happy Holidays Bren! What a difference a few days makes.. where has the snow gone? :) I tucked a few more garlic bulbs in the garden today. Love the photos and I wish you a healthy, happy, prosperous new year!

  12. I've given you an award pop by my blog to pick it up

  13. Brenda, I am surprised how much your Christmas tree looks like mine. If you go to the Dragon Horse blog you can see a picture. Th only difference I can see is that you seem to use warm colours and mine is all over the map.