Friday, October 14, 2011

The Sky is White

I'm waiting for blue skies to fully bring autumn's color to life. It's been white and grey overhead, but in the woods and along the river, it's so darn beautiful, it takes my breath away. Autumn in Nova Scotia...can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else this time of year.

We were hit by two light frosts a week ago, so we knew it was time for a tidy up. The summer squash, annuals and nasturtium said goodbye, and you know I'm just as happy.
The view has changed, and now, the focus is on planting garlic, drying beans, making applesauce, ripening tomatoes.
Arugula, mache and cool climate lettuce have germinated in the raised bed cold frame, so we are enjoying baby peppery leaves on open face sandwiches, as well as plates of tomatoes sliced to mirror autumn's bright glow.
Beloved tomatoes, gathered just before the frost, still providing salads.
The big yellow slices are German Gold, then I believe, red Wentzel, and the darker one is Purple Prince. The latter was quite prolific although for flavor, German Gold is outstanding. (am not 100% sure these are German Gold but that is what they were sold to me as)  My neighbour  was kind enough to offer her basil plants when she left the province and they have continued to grow in the warmth of the summer house. Just a brush against them, walking through the door, fills the air and makes me hungry.

It's almost "quiet time" right now. The shed needs cleaning out, the compost boxes need emptying...and there's that birdhouse to put up and it wouldn't hurt to edge a bit in the front to show we cared about that part of the garden as well. should be a pleasure and not a I travel along the autumn woodland paths knowing there are things to do in the garden but secure in this thought......"all in good time".


  1. Been working like crazy here too, boiling beetroot, making pear and fennel chutney, roasting tomatoes to mush and freeze, and getting the onions in to store now they've dried.
    All that AND baking a cake!!
    I thought that things were supposed to wind down in Autumn!!

  2. Oh my gosh Brenda. Honestly you are the best blogger. I LOVE the white squash tucked in the tattered vines. Amazing. The stream. I can smell it. I really look forward to it. Thank you.

  3. Your autumn picture is beautiful, we've had no frosts as yet it's been unusually mild for October but autumn is waiting in the wings.

  4. Gorgeous and I so agree - I love the colours, the richness of everything right now, right here!

  5. Oh my ... your river pic is just beautiful!!! I love this time of year ... can't it just last it little longer!?? And your salad looks so yummy!

  6. The picture of the river and trees is wonderful. I agree 100% that Nova Scotia is beautiful in the fall.
    We have yet to have frost, which is unusual. I suspect that we will get a cold snap any day now. You plate of tomatoes looks so delicious! Honestly, your vegetable garden is an inspiration to me. I hope to do better with mine next year.

  7. The fall colors are dazzling, especially next to the water, sparkling even if the sun isn't out. The tomato salad looks both beautiful and delicious!

  8. Ciao Bren, come stai? Grazie per i messaggi!

    Mi piacciono i tuoi pomodori!

    Did you understand so far? :-) Brava!

    Anyway, thanks for the message, this is Arantxa first book (well, she is only 12, so no bad really), but my third one. Wish us luck, promoting books is so hard if you are not a TV chef!


  9. I've been trying your philosophy lately, 'all in good time'. There are so many chores but I suspect they will not all get done before winter sets in and I'm trying to be okay with that. We went for an autumn walk instead last weekend and just enjoyed the gorgeous colours in the trees. There's no place in the world quite like here in autumn is there?

  10. What a magical series of photographs. Can the river be kayaked I wonder?

    Sorry not to be in touch so much recently, I'm frantically trying to finish my book manuscript.

    I'd love to see a calendar of your house and garden - one photograph taken in each month of the year - perhaps even with blog extracts. It would make a fabulous home present.

  11. I apologize for not thanking everyone earlier for commenting. Thank you very much for visiting the blog and for your kind comments and interest. Like yourselves, it has been a bit busy, just because it's autumn and there seem to be so many chores need doing. Not garden so much...just everything!

    GZ..things do not wind down in Autumn!! ;-)...I find it is as busy as Spring. Now summer..that's wind down time here. Your pots are marvelous BTW and thank you.

    Erin..I love your enthusiasm which lifts my spirit whenever I visit your blog. Thank you!

    David..your experience is so enriching; I loved especially reading about the new salmon run. Thank you.

    Jan...your comments are always so appreciated and your blog keeps me smiling..chickens, travel, garden, family and more. Many thanks.

    Michele and Andy..any compliment re photos is absolutely prized by me, as yours, especially the Northern Lights recently,...are spectacular. I'd like a photo of you with your tripod, in the dark pulled over off the highway, poking out of the car roof window, taking those photos BTW ;-)

    Jennifer, thank you for your kind comments especially about the tomatoes. I do have a bit of a thing for them ;-). I know next year your veg garden will come into it's own, if I gauge by your flower garden!!

    Sweetbay, your photos are also outstanding and I love your dialogue...such a different climate than here so I always learn!, I did understand it! Bene Grazie Wonderwoman! Must order your book before Christmas. You will soon be, a TV chef..a wonderful mom and daughter combination.

    Marguerite, absolutely right, Autumn is our favourite time of year. If things don't get done in the garden, there's always spring. All in good time M.

    Mark...I did have a photo once in a calendar of my winter garden...entered (contest) because I was hedging my bets there wouldn't be too many winter garden photos ;-)))) You are right, if I got myself in gear, a family calendar of garden photos would be a nice art project. Thank you.

    Yes I think the river could be Kayaked. Just about a quarter mile down river, it meets the sea. This was Martins River, N.S. which you can google.

    Finish book!!!