Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wedding and Garden Update was just Great getting away! The wedding was marvelous...the cake simply beautiful and delicious. The bride and groom chose "hot" vibrant colors for their flowers and decoration which truly shimmered in the British Columbia August heat.
A variety of vibrant flowers to decorate the tables.
Returning to Nova Scotia.....well, don't think it stopped raining here the whole time I was away. Poor tomatoes, poor flowers. It was a jungle out there and most of yesterday was spent clipping and cleaning the beds and tidying up the trellised tomatoes. I am of the belief, that plants do not need sunshine to grow...just rain ;-) ! But if we are ever going to get ripe tomatoes...we need some hot summer sun.

Trellised tomato jungle!
There is magic in all that rain though...the day lilies have never looked so amazing, and at this time of year, that's a real plus for flower show. I managed to clean up the long bed on the summerhouse side and today will tackle the tomato plants inside the veg garden, pull out the 'gone over' lettuce and do a general thinning out of plants.

The cleanup continues.
The summer squash have taken over; beets need pulling (and roasting); beans are coming on gang busters.... back to eating from the garden with gusto!

Beans Fortex, Purple Podded and Golden


  1. Congratulations, Bren! How exciting and good luck to the new couple. And, love the beans.

  2. Oh my, what a beautiful cake and the flowers decorating the tables look so pretty too!

    Sounds like you two were right back to work in the garden upon returning home! Your beans sure look great!


  3. What a lovely cake! It certainly doesn't take long for things to get away from you when you're away. I just spent three full days pruning and shaping up my gardens as things were getting overgrown...didn't even get to the weeds, but there's always another day.

  4. The cake and the table flowers were gorgeous. Glad you had a good time. Both your garden and the produce from your garden look splendid.

  5. What a glorious looking cake and flowers! And then back to this - gaaaaah! My garden is a fenced in lot of weeds. The tomatoes are laughable, the cabbage eaten, the strawberries gone weird. Nothing is working but I decided at the end of June that I wasn't going to fuss - this will be a chicken year, not a garden year. I'm coming over to your place for beans!

  6. Congratulations to the married couple.
    And lucky you to be 'eating from the garden with a gusto- - love it.

  7. I am glad that you had a great vacation. It is too bad about the rain. We could have used some of that rain here. August started off well and then got rather dry. The bunnies got all my beans. I am deeply jealous. I love fresh beans!