Monday, June 13, 2011

Veg Garden Roundup

A Handful of Spring
Today it's back to rain and more rain but...Saturday was spectacular and by that, I mean sunny and hot! Carrots, baby Hakurei turnips and French Breakfast radish were guests of honor at the supper table while spinach and Red Purella lettuce, buttery yet crunchy, made a comfy bed to lie on!

It's a perfect combo this three days of rain, one of sunshine! Tomato plants are leaping ahead, although peas lag behind. I expected them to be above the tomato cages by now so let's hope they catch up and aren't overwhelmed in Tom shade. Beans Fortex, Gold Marie, Lazy Housewife and Purple Podded are up about eight inches, starting to twine on the bamboo poles. The back Bean Wall, is a 'Tomato Wall' this year. We shall see how that experiment plays out, attempting also, trellising Tasty Jade cucumber and Trombino squash.
Tomato planting inside Veg Garden
It's fun to experiment and try new things in the garden don't you think? On another blog, someone used large plastic water bottles as cloches. So we have given that a try, putting them over two Ping Tung Long eggplants to see if they might do better for us with added protection and heat. It's hard to find discarded bottles and harder still to cut off the bottom, as we found out ! Wear eye protection....if you do attempt this.

Eggplant Ping Tung Long
The best part of sunny warm days however, is the sound we don't hear when it's cold and wet..... bees, buzzing happily, working in the garden.

Mourning Widow Geranium


  1. Okay, I'm full out jealous of your veggie garden. My seeds have just begun to sprout and you're already eating carrots! Next year I'm investing in row covers.

  2. oy - this is not my year for a vegie garden! Started to late and ran out of steam too fast. I'll have strawberries, hopefully some tomatoes if this rain doesn't blight them, garlic and basil. your spring meal sounds heavenly...
    stoopid blogspot won't let me sign in again - it is Jan Morrison...

  3. Ooh I love your handful of Spring :)

    My brother works somewhere where they recently disposed of those large water bottles. He said If I had told him about registering for the allotment plot, he would have given them to me. They serve as brilliant cloches and a great way to recycle too.

    Love the bizzy bee shot - well captured on camera. Just look at those fragile wings flutter.

  4. Your stuff looks great as usual. This rain, drizzle,dampness is unacceptable. Not sure what to do to correct it!!! oxoJ&E

  5. Your vegetable garden looks great! I love the layout.

  6. Thanks for all the kind comments and updates on this year's veg growing adventures from your gardens. By the way, still raining outside. Not acceptable J & E !

  7. Oh my! I just love your handful of spring!! As you know, we aren't gardeners but we visit our local farmers market on Saturdays. Our purchases last Sat. looked very much like your handful! Yum!

    Love your photos in this post ... the bee is great!


  8. Wonderful garden! What kind of carrots and lettuces are you harvesting now?

  9. ... convention being over I'm back to your site this am ... great pictures & dialog... I am using the large juice jugs as cloches but only for so long as plants outgrow them quickly... the big water bottles will surely make a difference. Heading out now to see what is going on in mine.

  10. Our veg has been going well too. Especially the kale, except I so like the yellow stems that I can't bear to harvest it. In Wales now for few days writing before family joins me.

  11. Garden Girl..just about to remove many of the lettuce as they are going over now...really like Red Salad Bowl, Oakleaf and Black Seeded Simpson (that's the lime green one). They preform well in our climate. Thank you for asking. Carrots...I cannot remember what we planted back in the fall of last year in the raised bed (cropping now)..sorry. I do find red lettuce very hardy and bugs seem to stay away from them. Don't know why..

    Brenda H...the convention was spectacular and hats off to you and the committee..wonderful and such a great weekend. I learned so much.

    Wish I could give credit to the blog I saw the water bottle cloches on...great idea. Will keep searching.

    Mark...Wales...sigh..know what you mean...some plants one just wants to have as structure in the garden and be darn about eating it.

    Tks's that super kitty Katie of yours..pats and hugs to her.

    Many thanks, great and sooo appreciated comments.


  12. hi Bren,
    I finally have my vegetable beds ready for planting. It is a bit late for this year, but hopefully I will do better next year. I am impressed with your early harvest. I love those little white turnips. I wonder if I can still find some seeds and attempt to grow some of my own.

  13. Oh Bren - so clever (as always!) with the water bottle.. LOVE it! Your photos are so pretty.. the turnips, carrots.. oh my! Just lovely.. thanks for sharing..

  14. Hey, Great cloche!

    And what's your secret with the early carrots? I weeded mine last weekend. It took 2 hours and I know just how small and delicate they are...

  15. Thanks Mal, Jennifer and Niki for commenting. I so enjoy your blogs!

    Mal, the early carrots were seeded last fall. Forgot about them..didn't think they took. Surprise, early early spring they were sprouting. Maybe I didn't notice them before..all under the raised cold frame covered bed. First year for trying this so am excited about planting this fall under cover.

    YRVG Niki...wish I could take the credit for the cloche idea.. for the life of me, cannot find the blog where I borrowed the idea ;-). Can't wait to see your deer fence up and useful!

    Jennifer..your veg garden will bounce once you have it planted out..can't wait to see it on your blog. The White turnips, as far as I know, can be planted all season but right now..the bugs in the ground are having a field the turnips are likely better started early early spring before the critters wake up 'for breakfast' or later in the year when it's cooler. Good luck Jennifer...know this is a big step for you and wish you so much success in your new veg garden.