Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Foggy Day on the South Shore

You'll find it hard to believe, but it is eight degrees out there; the snow is turning to fog, making for a beautiful, mild day. So first things first.... pick greens for a salad tonight from the raised bed and red shed.

I cannot tell you what a great experiment that raised bed has turned out to be. True, my greens would be much farther along if I had only planted them earlier but still, I am grateful and pleased with what has grown. A nice surprise.... two baby radish ready to pull and...the carrots have germinated after two months of being sown. The other thing is...the oat straw is germinating as well and if you look (click on photo) to the right of the radish, you will see the sprouts..yes..edible!! How amazing is that!

I smile to myself, smelling the warm humid earth and straw. "Spring can't be far off"...and I remember why I garden.....


  1. Oooh We are just having some raised beds constructed - never thought I could put glass over them.

  2. Mark, we never thought of it either, until late summer, chatting with 'Year Round Gardener' on sidebar. The "glass" is plastic Lexan. The whole top is removable although where we will store it late spring, don't ask me!

  3. Okay I'm jealous. You have fresh salad greens in January! I can't even find my raised beds right now, they're buried snow. That's a pretty fantastic idea. I can see how great that would be in say March to really get a jump on the season.

  4. Oh do get a lot of snow on PEI...more than us! But, understanding is, you just sweep the snow off the raised bed cover and the greens will grow..providing you plant the cool weather and durable greens, like tatsoi and mache, and lots others 'Year Round Gardener' Niki Jabbour recommends.

    Actually, we are quite shocked ourselves..this is a first for us..and we can't believe we had this salad tonight, January 19th!..went with Sarah Raven's Grilled Goats' Cheese Salad. Gosh it was good. First recipe we tried from her book 'Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook' only change...substituted one Bosc pear for her roasted cherry tomato.

  5. isn't the weather absurd, Brenda? So very exasperating--yesterday we basked in cold sunlight, then today grey sogginess. I too envy your fresh greens but am delighted you have these to help you cope with winter's dreariness. And each day does dance us closer to spring...

  6. Good Morning! Want to invite you over to Cottage Flora Thursday's! Hope to see you & hoping you'll link up!

  7. oh your lovely lovely greens. I'm GREEN with envy!! I want that. So your boxes are in your new lovely shed? Sorry, I'm slow...
    And puhleeze people - don't be talking about spring - as if we get one and as if it is close. I can stand winter but not when I remember there is no spring. none. nada.

  8. Jodi..the weather is absurd!! I loved your words..."dance us closer to spring"... Thank you.

    Tracie, thank you for inviting me to Fishtail Cottage. First time anyone, that I remember, on blog, invited me to their blog. So kind..will surely visit. with envy)))) you eggs for greens...! Raised beds are outside the Red Shed. One is covered as in "cold framed" and we are getting mache and radish out of there. The other greens were dug out of the garden in the fall and put in pots inside the red shed and they are growing, and growing remarkably well. Still...there's whitefly about and aphids so, it isn't all rosy.

    You made me laugh out loud Jan..."don't be talking about spring"..well gotta do it..gotta..I need to feel it is right around the corner even though there's snow outside and more to come.

  9. How wonderful to have fresh greens this time of year! We are having sub zero wind chills, blowing and drifting snow.....I think it will be a good weekend to stay indoors!

    I love your very cute pair of rabbits!


  10. Gorgeous photos, as always Brenda! Thanks for some mid-winter inspiration!

  11. Brenda, Did you say eight degrees F and mild in the same sentence?? I love seeing your greens in your cold frame!! Inspiring! I am getting fresh local greens but nothing is as good as picking your own! Your post is so inviting with every lovely photo offering a treat to the spirit and senses. I should love to walk right into your first photograph. Thank you so for you kind comments on my Bird Review posts! I really appreciate your feedback. ;>)

  12. Oops...eight degrees C!! Sorry Carol...yes it was mild to us!! Thank you for you kind comments..'a treat to the spirit and senses'...I like that a kind you are.

    Guess you know by now I have what husband calls..."my bird thing"...

    Thanks Michele and Niki..roads are pure ice here on the island..hope weather improves soon!

  13. Most impressed at your raised bed there, Brenda!

    Yes, we’ve a mild day here today and the sun is coming out - all the worse when the cold and snow returns but we’ll enjoy it today. My daughter is off college today so we’re going out to wander on a garden visit where I can try out my new video camera which should be fun. Enjoy your day :-)

  14. I am originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and can easily imagine the foggy weather. I would love to have a cold frame. It must be wonderful to have greens in the dead of winter.

  15. I am looking outside at the snow in Hubbards and thinking "Brenda has fresh greens"! I am impressed. What you are doing adds one more dimension to raised bed gardening. You are totally inspiring us! Susan :)

  16. I've been thinking about making a cold frame for ages and have not done it. Looking at your fresh greens has me totally inspired.
    I see some straw tucked in there....did you put straw around the edges? Do you have any advice on constructing a cold frame?

  17. What an exciting idea - greens in January!!! This is a perfect day for examining Owen Bridge's website and seeing the amazing success he is making out of becoming a heritage seedsman - he's still under 20! Amazing. I discovered him right after he started 3 years ago - am going to enjoy looking through his website - it is so much meatier than the last time I looked at it.
    Just found your blog and will spend the rest of the day - in between quiltmaking - going back to the start and reading it fully.
    Keep dry and comfy.

  18. Thanks everyone for the newest comments.

    Shirl, will look forward to seeing that video on your blog. Nothing like visiting an open garden.

    Jennifer, your blog was an inspiration and the photos just filled my eyes with beauty. Will try to get Marjorie Fair and if not her, another well behaved rose.

    Neil and Susan..your new home will be ready before you know it and a raised bed might be a good way to start a small veg garden for yourselves in the spring if you have time. Love your blog.

    Sara, so pleased you liked the cold frame and that it inspired you. We really/kinda didn't know what we were doing...just followed instructions from Eliot Coleman's book re the angle of the lexan for winter sun and "Year Round Vegie Garden" blog on my sidebar...she was great and she lives in my area so knew the requirements and she has raised beds also. Yes I did put straw around the edges to help with insulation but again, don't know if that will be helpful or not. It can't hurt except it is germinating which so surprised me. It's all in what you grow when it comes to having greens in the winter outside as some are really hardy. are so kind with your comment saying you just found my blog and between quilting, will read it fully. Will get over to your blog tonight.

    Owen Bridge is amazing. Do you know, he enclosed a hand written note with my seed order advising me about growing leeks as I mentioned starting them from seed was going to be new to me this year. What plantsman takes the time in this busy world to enclose a note.

    Trying to keep dry and comfy on a rather miserable Nova Scotia winter day.

    Thanks again everyone, I love to read the comments and so appreciate them.

  19. Fun shots, Bren. I like the foggy coast/beach. And, I was amazed at the temp and so little snow. We've got 2 to 3 feet on the ground (may go snowshoeing later!) and 20 degrees F or -7 C!